What's a 1 month rolling contract?

What’s a 1 month rolling contract?

You’ve heard of 18 and 24-month contracts. But what about a contract that lasts one month? How does that work? We take a closer look at how rolling contracts work and why they might be the right choice for you.

What is a ‘rolling contract’?

Our one-month rolling contract doesn’t have a specific end date and can be cancelled by giving us a month’s notice.

Just like a Pay Monthly plan, you’ll pay a bill each month by Direct Debit. But unlike Pay Monthly, you’re not locked into a 24-month commitment.

The benefits? Freedom and flexibility.

With a SIM on a one-month rolling contract, you get the flexibility of a short contract along with the great value and convenience of a longer contract.

You won’t be tied into a long-term agreement, so if your circumstances change, you’ve got the freedom to change your plan or even change your network if that’s what you need.

How rolling contracts work – and why we don’t offer them on phones.

With a normal Pay Monthly phone, we have to cover the cost of your phone over the term of a longer contract. With SIM Only, this isn’t the case, so you can enjoy a short contract where your money goes on a generous call, text and data bundle.

With our one-month rolling SIM contracts you'll get SIM or micro-SIM to put in your phone, or a Mobile Broadband SIM or micro-SIM to put in your tablet.

Getting a new device for your new SIM.

And don’t forget, you don’t need to put your brand new SIM into an old device. If you’re ready for a new phone or tablet, choose one on Pay As You Go. Then just put your new SIM in and you’re ready to go.

So if you're happy with your current mobile phone, a SIM Only plan is a great way of getting maximum value.