Does your phone leave you red-faced?

Embarrassing phones.

From pretending you’re on a call, to cringe-worthy selfies; from brassy ringtones, to hoarding embarrassing pics: despite the fact they might look good, our mobile phones can often be a source of shame.


The majority of us own mobile devices these days and these gadgets are all around us, everywhere we go. As a result, people are becoming less and less surprised at what they see and hear when it comes to smartphone use.


But that’s no consolation. Recent research has shown that one in 10 of us admit to doing something that should be avoided with our mobile phone. Lookout Mobile Security app, who commissioned the research last summer, said: 'People are very much aware that their phone could fall into the wrong hands, but they don't necessarily consider what happens in their own hands.’


And it’s not only embarrassing stuff; it’s sometimes purely absent-minded things that can be a massive inconvenience.


Here are some of the most common phone issues (make a note of them to save your blushes - and your phone):


  1. Misplacing your phone.

    Whether it’s leaving it on a train, burying it in the sofa or forgetting it’s on the roof of your car before driving off, someone’s done it. If you’re particularly prone to this, you could benefit from Three Rescue Insurance.


  3. Pocket dialing.

    Accidentally calling a friend is bad enough, dialing the number of someone you really don’t want to speak to while out in a nightclub is much worse. Lock your phone!


  5. Predictive text and autocorrect errors.

    Sending a text too quickly can be a real source of shame. If it’s just to a friend, the odd spelling mistake doesn’t matter. But what if you’ve altered the meaning of a text to your boss? It happens all too frequently apparently.


  7. Playing loud music.

    Ringtones are jarring, but they’re nothing compared to accidentally playing loud music or audio. Today’s mobile phones have fantastic built-in speakers. That’s great 99% of the time. But not so great when you’re in a library or an important meeting.


  9. Talking too loud.

    No one likes a loud-talker. Remember Dom Joly from Trigger Happy TV all those years ago? You get the drift.


  11. Wiping contacts.

    Sometimes, it’s not about how you annoy other people, it’s about annoying yourself. There’s no getting around it; accidentally deleting someone’s number is really irritating.


  13. Cracking your screen.

    Mobile phones are tough, but there’s always a breaking point. If you handle your gadget like Frank Spencer in a glass factory, get some cover or be in for a real shock – repairing screens can be expensive.


  15. Toilet action.

    Research has also shown that we take our phones everywhere we go, from the office to the bedroom. And to the toilet. Keep a steady hand, because retrieving a phone from the bowl is unsurprisingly unpleasant.


So in short, just like parents, there are many ways in which your phone can embarrass you. And what’s more, with and calls and texts abroad at no extra cost in 16 destinations with Feel At Home, your little monkey of a mobile phone can embarrass you wherever you may be…