iPhone 6 Plus: filming from the sky


We all know by now that iPhone 6 Plus  camera is a pretty impressive piece of kit. Timelapse? No problem. Slow mo? Sure. Timer burst? On its head.


But how does it perform when gliding through the treetops of the West Country at the crack of dawn, strapped to the underbelly of a drone?


We challenged Ben from the Flying Camera Company to check it out.


What surprised you most the camera on iPhone 6 Plus?


“The biggest surprise was how good it was, especially when taking photos. You can get some really nice depth in the photos as the aperture goes to f2.2 – the colours are really rich too.


“It really lived up to expectations. I also had a lot of fun playing with the slow mo feature. Being able to shoot at 240 frames per second is amazing on a phone.”


Face any big challenges?


“The main challenges for using iPhone 6 Plus were how to mount it onto the octocopter.


“iPhone obviously has none of the standard camera mount screw holes that you would normally use when mounting a camera, so we had to create a custom clamp set up. It’s also a lot lighter than any camera we'd usually use.


“The octocopter works best with a bit of weight underneath it, sort of like a pendulum, so we had to add extra weight as well as the custom clamp set up.”


Did you find it easy to use?


“Really easy. You just press record and let the phone do the rest. All of the different photo and video functions are all in one place so they are really quick and simple to switch between.


“It was great to be able to use Three’s 4G to upload all the footage straight away, too. It’s really important to have that kind of fast, reliable connectivity when you're trying to share what you've been doing on a shoot.”


You filmed the sunrise. In your opinion, is that when the light is best to film?


“The sunrise we shot at Westonbirt was stunning that morning. You got the whole spectrum of colours – from yellow to orange to red – all in the space of about 10 minutes as the sun came up.


“A sunrise or sunset is probably my favourite time to film as you get those gorgeous colours and the long shadows all at the same time. With the early morning mist as well, it all looked pretty spectacular.”


Finally, any tips for filming on an iPhone?


“If you’re filming on an iPhone 6 Plus, I'd say get as creative as possible. It such a small, lightweight thing compared to most other cameras, so get it in some tight or unusual spaces and see what kind of interesting shots you can capture.


“Use all of the features too. Film some super slow mo and then some timelapses. It’s all there to be used and in such a small bit of kit – so use it!”