HTC One M9 accessories: Dot View II case.


You’ve bought yourself a new HTC One M9. The lid’s off, the charger’s unravelled, the handset is in your palm. Shiny and two-tone and glorious. You’re going to post all about it on your social channels. Text all your mates. Give its camera skills a whirl. Just as soon as you take off the protective cover.


But you’ll probably just keep it on a little longer, right? Avoid those pesky thumbprints – or worse, scratches. Maybe you should just put it back in the box. Keep it safe.


Or maybe you should just invest in a decent quality case.


Enter the Dot View. If you’re after a standard phone case, keep moving. This complete-cover phone case isn’t like the others. Not only is it the ultimate bodyguard for your HTC One M9, it also lets you interact with your phone without even opening the cover.


Double tapping the case activates it – so you can check your message notifications, the date, the time, the weather etc – while simply picking it up and popping it to your ear allows you to answer calls.


But wait, there’s more. Because, just as HTC has upgraded its smartphone to the HTC One M9, they’ve given the Dot View a lick of paint too.


Available in a sleek grey shade, the Dot View II case boasts all the same features as its predecessor, but with added extras.


As well as the ability to see lists of recent calls, check up on the battery life and control music playback, you can now also turn on speakerphone and control the flashlight and voice recorder apps through the case. Pretty handy if you find yourself struck with a brilliant idea that you don’t want to forget.


Looking for a way to kill time on the commute? Use the Dot View app to download games, such as Dot Breaker. If you’re keen to unleash your creative streak, you can download Dot Design – an app that gives you the chance to create your own theme from scratch or by using a template, or even add a twist to your photo album by using it to pixelate your snaps.


You can also share your thoughts by setting up your case with a scrolling LED message – just go to the Dot View app and set up Dot Message to make it happen.


With the Dot View II, you can even expect little dot-shaped surprises on your birthday or other occasions. We promise it’s a little less ominous than it sounds.


The Dot View II case is now available to buy in Three stores. Use the store locator to find your nearest store.