Behind the design of the HTC One M9.


Ok, we confess. We’ve spent pretty much every waking hour playing with the HTC One M9 since its release. With its super-slick design, lightweight feel and attractive suite of features, it’s fair to say the new flagship smartphone from HTC has caught our eye.


So obviously when the opportunity came up to have a chinwag with HTC’s creative director, Daniel Hundt, we snatched it.


The biggest design requirement of any new phone from HTC, according to Hundt, is simplicity. ‘We don’t want to add to the design [of previous models], only use the elements that are necessary and make them as beautiful as we can,’ he says.


The HTC One M9’s sleek, minimalistic style mimics that of its predecessors – the HTC One M8 and the M7 – while the two-tone metallic body gives the handset a more premium finish.


Then there’s the build quality. Hundt says the one thing HTC stands for is having perfectly crafted products. ‘For example, when you look at the metal unit body [of the M9], I love the dual anodising – just because it breaks up the form and really allows people to express themselves a little more.


’Ever wanted to know where HTC gets its design inspiration? Apparently, trades such as watchmaking, shoemaking and instrument making influence the designers. It’s all about the ‘attention to detail’, as well as the ‘personal aspect that comes from selling handmade products.’ You heard it here first.


Another integral part of HTC’s design philosophy, Hundt says, is making smartphones more human. He adds: ‘There’s a personality about our phones – an approachability that’s really important.’ The phone also has perfectly sculpted, rounded back surfacing. ‘That’s a very human aspect, a very natural aspect of the phone,’ Hundt explains. ‘The way it fits in your hand – it feels great, it’s very ergonomic.’


He also says that discipline is key when striving to achieve design excellence. This includes listening to consumers and taking into account what they loved – and also what they didn’t. ‘We want to make that emotional connection. We want people to fall in love with our phones, [so] they feel like it’s almost tailored for them, like a custom-made suit or nice Italian shoes. That’s the message we really want to deliver to the people.’


In terms of the HTC One M9’s other notable design features, BoomSound Audio technology delivers a cinematic experience, while the phone’s front-facing camera is equipped with UltraPixel technology – so you can capture more detailed snaps. For the ultimate bespoke interface, the expert customisation aspect also allows you to control everything from your wallpaper to the size of your icons.


Want to know more about the HTC One M9? Check out the full design and specs for yourself.