Why you need mobile insurance.

Why you need mobile insurance.

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Why you need mobile insurance.

Sure, we’ve all been there. The smashed screen, the untimely plop into a pint of water, the late-night loss in the back of a cab. Phone emergencies are no joke, guys. The struggle is real.

Our infographic depicts the five stages of grief we all go through when something terrible happens to our phones. From the denial (‘maybe I left it at home – that’s something I’d do, right?’) to the acceptance (‘it could’ve been worse. I might not have had insurance’), we’ve covered all the bases.

For example, did you know that men are 70% more likely to lose their phone than ladies? Or that they’re 57% more likely to drop it down the loo?

If that doesn’t gross you out, know that 59% of us said we’d happily roll up our sleeves and plunge back into the toilet bowl to grab our phones back, while 63% of us are up for rifling through the rubbish bin to find a lost phone.

Incredibly, 5.2 million phones are lost each year. Sometimes, it’s the old drowning situation we mentioned earlier (31% of Brits have lost their phone to water damage). Other times – and, let’s face it, we’ve all been there – your dog can eat it, or a seagull can fly off with it.

So here’s to all the phones lost to the great cell pit in the sky – be sure to hold yours a little tighter tonight.

Alternatively, sort yourself out with a bit of Three Rescue. While you still can.