Famous internet cats


Famous Internet Cats

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Famous Internet Cats


From the first ever feline meme to a singing kitty with a penchant for 80s rock anthems, we take a look at the internet cats who’ve made us laugh, smile and go ‘ahhh’.




  • Frank (aka Happy Cat) - Famous for the caption ‘I can haz cheezburger?’, Happy Cat Frank was the first ever cat meme to circulate the web.
  • Maru - Maru’s antics have been amusing YouTube users since 2007. From sliding into paper boxes to hiding in dustbins, he’s racked up plenty of fans.
  • Fatso (aka Keyboard Cat) - Fatso was first captured playing the electric organ on VHS camcorder in 1984, but sadly died in 1987. The footage didn’t make it to YouTube until 20 years later, but his legacy lives on.



  • Stalking Cat (aka Ninja Cat) - Like a tiny, furry ninja, this adorable cat went viral in 2008, becoming famous for stalking his owner’s video camera.




  • Atilla Fluff (aka Surprised Cat) - Atilla Fluff went viral in 2009, and she just loves being tickled, throwing her paws up in surprise when the tickling stops. So cute.




  • Chocolate Rose (aka the OMG Cat) - This feline shot to fame after Justin Bieber parodied her. Although her ‘Oh My God’ expression is hilarious, she was actually suffering from a dislocated jaw. But fear not, Chocolate is now fully recovered.




  • Lil Bub - Lil Bub’s ‘perma-kitten’ appearance is due to several genetic mutations, and she has a rare bone disorder. But the internet loves her!
  • Nyan Cat - Though only part cat, this cartoon kitty-pop tart hybrid has averaged more than 35 million views a year since being uploaded to YouTube in 2011.
  • Nala - Famous cross-eyed kitty Nala has been amusing the world on Facebook and Instagram with her antics since 2011.




  • Colonel Meow - Colonel Meow first came to PC screens in 2012, and has hundreds of thousands of fans. Unfortunately, he died earlier this year, but not before landing a spot in the Guinness World Records.
  • Sam the Cat with Eyebrows - Permanently surprised-looking Sam and his eyebrows became an internet sensation when his owner set up an Instagram account for him in 2012.
  • Snoopy the Cat - With her cute chubby face and enormous eyes, Snoopy the Cat is one of the world’s most popular cats, especially in China. Kinda like a real life Hello Kitty.




  • Grumpy Cat - Grumpy Cat became an instant internet celebrity in 2013 when her picture was posted on Reddit. Famous for her permanently grumpy facial expression, her frowning is due to feline dwarfism.
  • Hamilton the Hipster Cat - Hamilton the Hipster Cat is a rescue kitty famous for his impeccable moustache. We reckon #SingItKitty star Bronte and Hamilton would make a very cute couple.




  • Bronte (aka SingItKitty) - This flat-faced dynamo went viral after starring in Three Mobile’s latest TV ad, where she belted out Starship’s classic 80s anthem ‘We Built This City’. The #SingItKitty video had more than 3.5 million views in the first week of being uploaded to YouTube.