Top 10 things to do in Finland.

If you’re off to Finland this year, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s one of our 18 Feel At Home destinations. So, while you’re away you can use your allowance to call and text back home, and use data on your phone or tablet at no extra cost.

From the vibrant art-filled cities of Helsinki to the depths of the forests and the remote outer islands, Finland is a unique European destination. Whether you love the great outdoors or the culture of historical cities and towns, Finland has something for everyone.

Here are some of the best things to see and do in Finland, along with some Instagram snaps of each:


Visit Helsinki.



Finland's finest museums, art galleries, restaurants and shops are in Helsinki. Some of the most poignant sights include Finlandia Hall, the architecture around Senate Square, Suomenlinna maritime fortress, the frosty Arctic Ice Bar and the underground Rock Church.





See the Northern Lights.



Finland is arguably the best country for seeing this natural phenomenon, and Lapland is a Northern Lights hotspot. There are lots of hotels that cater for tourists wanting to take in this once-in-a-lifetime experience, though seeing them is never guaranteed.




Take in Lemmenjoki National Park.



This 70-year old Arctic wilderness is the largest park in Finland, covering more than 1,000 square miles. Go trekking, rent a hut with a sauna or take a tour of the beautiful Lemmenjoki River. You could even catch a glimpse of brown bears, wolves and wild golden eagles.





Sweat it out in a sauna.


Sweating away in a steamy sauna is a typical Finnish experience. Most hotels and holiday cottages have saunas, but there’s something special about the timeworn Kotiharjun public sauna in Helsinki's Kallio district, and the Jätkänkämppä smoke sauna just outside Kuopio.





Take a trip to Turku.



Turku is the oldest town in Finland and overlooks the Åland Sea. The city boasts a magnificent medieval castle, a stately cathedral, plenty of intriguing museums and a lively nightlife that includes floating 'boat bars' moored along the Aurajoki River.





Soak up Lakeland.



Finland is a nation of lakes (there’s around 188,000 of them) so it’s an amazing destination for swimmers, water-skiers, canoeists, fishermen and boating enthusiasts. The heart of the lake country is Lakeland in eastern Finland.





Experience Lapland.



Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region and it borders Sweden, Norway, Russia and the Baltic Sea. Lapland is known for its vast wilderness, ski resorts and natural phenomena, including 24-hour summer daylight, and the Northern Lights.





Stay in a Snow Hotel.



For the full Arctic experience, spend a night at the Lumi Linna Snow Hotel located in Kemi. The hotel is constructed entirely from snow and guests sleep in cosy sleeping bags at temperatures of -5°C. There’s also a Snow Restaurant and Snow Chapel there.





Dabble in dog sledding.



Harness up your huskies and whizz across the snow on a traditional Arctic dog sled. There are numerous dog-sled centres in Lapland so you can experience the adrenaline of this magical form of transport.




Pop to Pohjanmaa.



Experience a different side of Finland in the Swedish-speaking villages along the west coast of Finland. Also known as Ostrobothnia, this region offers sandy beaches, warm summer weather, islands of swimming elks and quaint wooden villages such as Jakobstad and Kristinestad.





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