All 0800 calls free on new Three plans.


We know that unexpected costs are annoying and feel unfair. That's why we're working hard to remove as many of them as possible, and it's why our new Pay Monthly price plans give you different ways to manage your spend.


For starters, we're making calls to 080 numbers free of charge. And calls to 084 and 087 numbers will be just 5p a minute.


We're also making 4G available to everyone at no extra cost . You'll just need to have a 4G device and be in a 4G coverage area.


We promise to help you avoid nasty bill shocks by helping you stay within your bundles, using blocks, alerts and Add-ons.


And last but not least, we've still got all-you-can-eat-data.



"The average Three
customer spends
£92.16 during the life of
their contract 
calls to 080, 084 and 087 numbers*."


*If you're one of our customers who hasn't made calls to these numbers in
the past, we haven't included you in this calculation, as it's the average
amount saved by customers who already call these numbers.


Have fun with 0800 numbers.


Now that we've made calls to calls to 0800 numbers free with our new Pay Monthly price plans, why not make the most of them? You could call the Singing Dictionary or the 24-hour Compliment Line. Better still, check out all the six fun numbers below.


The Singing Dictionary.


Ever been confused about the meaning of a
word? Then let the Singing  Dictionary explain it to
you. A choir in a cave is waiting for your call.


Call free on 0800 808 5883.



24-hour Compliment Line.


When you're feeling down in the dumps, it's nice
to be told just how amazing you are. The 24-hour
Compliment Line will soon have you feeling on top
of the world again.


Call free on 0800 808 5602.



The Time-Wasting Line.


If you run out of things to Google, and there's
nothing new on Facebook, we have a new way of
keeping you amused. Just call our Time-Wasting
line and you need never do a minute's work again.


Call free on 0800 808 5730.



24-hour Lullaby Line.


A good night's sleep can sometimes be hard
to come by. But, with a call to our Lullaby Line you
can wave goodbye to counting sheep and say
hello to sweet dreams.


Call free on 0800 011 9865.



The Sympathy Line.


Need something to take the pain away? Just
reach for the phone and dial the Sympathy Line.
There's nothing like a few violins to make you feel
all lovely inside.


Call free on 0800 808 5191.



The Nick-Naming Service.


If you're getting a bit bored of your name after all
these years, why not try a nickname? Our
Nick-Naming Service will find one to suit, so you
don't have to.


Call free on 0800 011 9763.


*Try one of these now, free from any Three mobile. Calls to other 0800 numbers are free on our new, 24 month, pay monthly plans.


Journalists / bloggers.


For further information about our All 0800 calls
free campaign (And to download high resolution
images), please contact our media centre on 0843
373 3333


Campaign credits.


Director: Chris Palmer

Production Company: Gorgeous

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

Date: March 2014





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