How to use Google Plus for sharing photos.

How to use Google Plus for sharing photos.


Sharing Photos On Google Plus


When it launched, Google+ (Google’s answer to social media) had its fair share of sceptics. But it’s now growing at the same rate Facebook did when it was of a similar size, with 135 million active users checking their Google+ social media streams each month.


As part of its push to position itself as a one-stop shop, Google has entwined Google+ with its other well-known products, such as YouTube and Gmail. But when you get down to it, if you’re already on Facebook you may wonder what the point is in signing up to Google+ as well.


For photo lovers, Google+ has plenty of positives.


Photography lovers, listen up. Because the latest update not only means new mobile app versions for both Android and iOS, it also includes 5GB of free backups (of full-sized pics) for Android users. That’s in addition to the unlimited storage offered for standard-sized photos (up to 2048 pixels).


The Android bias is to be expected, but those on iOS get sweeteners of their own – iPad users enjoy an optimised layout, and if you have a device with a Retina display you’ll be treated to vibrant, high-resolution images. Swipe through photos, tap for full-screen glory and play with a subtle zoom and pan effect.


Transform your shots without being a pro.


Here’s the best bit. Google has also unveiled the long-awaited Android version of leading photography app, Snapseed. Better yet, it’s free (as is the updated and award-winning iOS version).


Other photo apps make for a bit of fun, but this one takes things to another level. It enables more sophisticated editing with just a few intuitive gestures, and the effects aren’t cheesy like they can be in other apps. So it neatly fills the gap between the likes of Instagram and Photoshop.


Share your photos.


Again, there are benefits to being on Google+ when it comes to sharing your polished shots. For example, Instant Upload allows you to sync photos (and videos) on your phone with a private Google+ album – handy when you don’t want to share them with the entire universe. And with ‘Events’, you and your friends can contribute photos to one single collection.


With all the hullaballoo over Instagram having the right to do whatever it wants with your pics, what better time to check out a superior alternative? Smile.


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