How to #holidayspam like a boss.

How to #holidayspam like a boss.

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#holidayspam like a boss.


You know the drill. Come April, it’s all, ‘holiday booked – can’t wait!’ this and ‘10 more sleeps… Whoop!’ that. The social countdown shares, the holiday shop goodies, the airport check-ins. Relentless.


Then we move onto the hard stuff. The in-resort updates. We’re talking sand-written messages, poolside pedicures, ice lollies, balcony selfies... Holiday spam is upon us, friends, and there’s little we can do.


Apart from join in, that is.

From 1 April, Spain joins our list of Feel At Home destinations where you can use your allowances to call, text and use data abroad at no extra cost. To celebrate, we’ve put together a little infographic of the best tourist spots in each of the major Spanish destinations – as voted for by you on TripAdvisor.


The winners are:


  • Best park in Barcelona: Park Güell
  • Best museum in Madrid: Prado Museum
  • Best historical spot in Seville: Plaza de España
  • Best view in Ibiza: Es Vedra
  • Best beach in Majorca: Playa de Muro
  • Best street spot in Marbella: Marbella Old Quarter


We’ve also included a top tips section on the best way to take those #holidayspam snaps. You can print it off, cut it out and keep it tucked into your shorts, ready to whip out at a moment’s notice. Ready to raise the stakes this summer? It’s on. Viva España!