Three inTouch.
Not having signal sucks.

Use our free app to call and text whenever you're on Wi-Fi.

Three inTouch

We know that sometimes you can’t get signal when you're indoors, but that shouldn't mean you have to go off the grid. With our free Three inTouch app you can call and text using your Three number whenever you’re on Wi-Fi, even if there’s no mobile signal.

And we won't charge you a penny extra. Calls and texts come from your monthly price plan or Pay As You Go credit.

You can even use your Three number as normal, just download the Three app onto your Apple or Android smartphone and you’ll stay connected whenever you have Wi-Fi. #makeitright


Great news. Selected Android devices* can access our 4G Super-Voice network.

From April 2016, selected Android devices only* will be able to access our new 4G Super-Voice network by downloading the latest version of Three inTouch from the Play store. This should give you coverage in more places, even if you don't have Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, we can't support Apple (iOS) phones with this feature.

*See list of devices which can get 4G Super-Voice using Three inTouch.


How to get Three inTouch.

Have access to broadband with Wi-Fi availability.*

To make calls and send texts via Wi-Fi, you'll need access to broadband with Wi-Fi availability. Read more about the internet connection requirements for Three inTouch. You can also get help connecting to Wi-Fi

*Selected Android handsets which can access our 4G Super-Voice network will notice improved signal (*subject to coverage) where they didn’t before. The app will also connect to Wi-Fi where available..

Check if your device is compatible.

Three inTouch (Wi-Fi solution) is available to most people with Android version 4.0 or above, or iOS 6 or above on their phones. Find out how to update your phone's software.

To access the 4G Super-Voice network, you'll need a compatible Android handset and be in a coverage area. Please note that even if with 4G Super-Voice access, you'll still be connected by Wi-Fi first where it's available.

The app isn't currently available on the HTC One X, Huawei P2, Sony Xperia J, Compact on Android Lollipop, iPhone 3GS, Huawei Ascend P2 and Dual SIM Android phones.

Download and activate the app.

You need to have an account with Google (for Android devices) or iTunes (for Apple devices) in order to download and install Three inTouch.