Ways to connect: with a laptop.

Ways to connect: with a laptop article header image

If you want to get online but you haven’t got a computer, one of our laptop or netbook packages might be just what you need.

Three offers a generous monthly Mobile Broadband data allowance of 15GB a month, plus a top-of-the-range laptop or netbook and dongle. It’s a handy package of everything you need to get online.

And by choosing a Pay Monthly laptop package, you’ll be spreading the cost of the computer over the course of your contract, so it’s much more affordable to get connected.

When you choose your laptop, you'll be able to choose the device you'd like to use to connect to the internet: a Standard dongle or a Premium dongle. You can discover the best choice for you by clicking the links above.

Because there’s a dongle or MiFi included with your laptop, you’ll be able to get online wherever you like – not just at home. So you can take it to the library, on the train, to lectures or on holiday. You don’t need to rely on cables or hope you’ll find a free wireless network.