Get to grips with Pinterest.

Last updated: 30 August 2015

Pins going into a fabric sowing pin holder that looks like a tomato.

Get to grips with Pinterest.

Whether you've a passion for fashion, a desire for design or a fondness for food, Pinterest has it all.

The image-based social network – where users 'pin' content to their walls and then share their pins with other Pinterest users – has something for everyone.

So, no matter what you’re into, you’ll find a pin board to inspire you.

When would you use Pinterest?

Pinterest began as a pretty static site where users posted pictures of their family, their pets and their holidays. And, at this point, it didn’t really offer much more than Instagram.

But, as the platform has grown, so has the potential of Pinterest. Now people browse pin boards created by strangers to discover new things and get inspiration. It’s the same as browsing a magazine, complete with ads and editorial.

Tying the knot? Use Pinterest to gather ideas for your big day. Giving the house a lick of paint? Check out other peoples’ interior design efforts before you get started.

And, as well as gathering ideas from other people’s pin boards, you can share what you’ve discovered and set up mood boards for the things that inspire you.

Made for mobile.

Everyone and anyone can use Pinterest. Because it’s designed for quick and easy sharing, it’s perfect for when you’re out and about with your 4G smartphone or tablet.

Camping in Cumbria and looking for alfresco recipe ideas? Having a decorating dilemma in your local DIY store and need a creative helping hand? Pinterest is there for you with the tap of a touchscreen.

And why stop there? Take Pinterest with you abroad and get a fashion fix while shopping in Milan. With Three's Feel At Home, you can use your data just like you would in the UK and it won’t cost you a penny more.

Did you know?

Here are some interesting stats (according to Digital Marketing Ramblings) about the picture-perfect social network:*

  • Pinterest is enjoyed by 21% of internet users and is now more popular than Twitter, which is used by 18% (Jan 2014)
  • Women are four times more likely to be Pinterest users than men (Jan 2014)
  • 75% of all Pinterest daily traffic comes through mobile apps (6 Feb 2014)
  • 48% of all social sharing on the iPad is from Pinterest (22 July 2013)
  • 52% of Pinterest users use their smartphone as their primary pinning device (22 July 14)

* DMR specifies that some stats are based on news reports rather than official tallies and can’t guarantee 100% accuracy (but it all makes for an interesting read).