How did you #styleyourdial?

Last updated: 13 May 2016

How did you #styleyourdial?

Fashion is all about accessories and, of course, one of the most classic accessories is the watch. Functional and aesthetically pleasing, the simple timekeeping device has appeared in various guises over the last century. From roman numerals to analogue and Swiss-made clock movements to digital software, the visuals have varied with the technology.

Now we’re in the age of the smartwatch – amazing technology that tracks movement, weather and communication, as well as time.

With such a focus on technology, some smartwatches fall short in the looks department. That’s one reason that’s exciting new product, dial, doesn’t classify itself in that category.

Minimal, slick and futuristic, the mirrored-finish dial is designed to reflect your own unique style – whether that’s urban grunge, sports luxe or tailored androgyny. Coming in either black or white, it can also encompass many moods – light-hearted and playful, or dark and mysterious.

And of course, there are the earphones. If you haven’t heard about the coolest earphones in the world today, then you’ve got some catching up to do. Not only is the bass insane, these Bluetooth beauties also clip around your neck using little magnetic panels to create a fashion statement in the form of a quasi-necklace.

To celebrate this revolutionary addition to the wearable community, we hosted a competition to win a dial. in either black or white. All you had to do was show us how you’d #styleyourdial.

We were looking for photos that were a little bit kooky and different, which is why we were delighted with all the amazing and creative entries. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to the lucky lad who takes first place…

  • Winner – Tailored.

    Winner – Tailored.

    Leeds-based menswear writer @jxhnnyclarke takes the top spot and bags himself a dial for his fresh take on summer tailoring. As the founder of SKEW magazine and expert on all things sartorial, we see Mr Clarke exploring some of the season’s biggest trends: boot-cut trousers, military jackets and powder blue pastels. An epic look for Will dial, indeed.

  • Runner up - Cutesy.

    Runner up - Cutesy.

    She may be a self-confessed Game of Thrones addict, but there’s nothing scary about @beautyadoration’s super sweet onesie selfie. To quote the lady herself: “I’m as stylish as they come!” Looks a bit toasty, mind.

  • Runner up - Feminine florals.

    Runner up - Feminine florals.

    As a fashion and beauty blogger for the @beautyhotsquad, it’s no surprise that @BeePowley’s feminine look caught our attention. Her self-titled “pretty summer dress” really got us in the mood for warm weather dressing and rosy pastel tones.

Congrats to our lucky winner and runners up, and thanks for all your brilliant contributions. Stay tuned for more competitions soon. And if you weren’t successful this time, take a look at some of our affordable dial tariffs.