Our pick of the best travel apps for your smartphone.

Last updated: 16 June 2015

Our pick of the best travel apps for your smartphone.

From cancelled flights, lost luggage and dodgy hotels; to language problems, wrong clothing and cash-flow issues – many of us have holiday horror stories to tell. But thankfully, this is the age of the digital traveller. And if you’re armed with your smartphone or tablet, you’ll have apps at your fingertips, ready to rescue you from any potential holiday hitch.

Check out our recommendations for the most useful travel apps around:

  • Skyscanner App icon.

    Skyscanner - iPhone, Android, Windows Phone (free)

    Let’s start at the beginning. Before you even pack your bags, you want to know that you got the best deal when you booked your break. The Skyscanner app collects data from loads of airlines and travel sites, taking out the hard work for you. It’s really easy to use and will put you in the holiday mood before you’ve even started packing.

  • Gogobot

    Gogobot - iPhone, Android (free)

    This social travel app is perfect for finding places to eat, stay and play. There’s a whole globetrotting community at your fingertips sharing photos, info and ratings for places to stay. People will tag their updates according to different themes, such as ‘family’, ‘foodie’, ‘outdoor’, ‘budget’ etc. So you can be sure you’ll be able to see everything of interest to you and your travel companions. You can use Gogobot to really tailor your trip to suit you, and you can save your own discoveries to the app for other people to explore.

  • Expedia

    Expedia - iPhone, Android, Windows (free)

    Browse millions of hotels and flights all over the world and book your dream getaway in a couple of taps. Once you’re all booked-up, this useful little app will log your itinerary and alert you to important information such as flight delays and hotel check-out times. As an added extra, there are frequently lots of mobile-exclusive deals up for grabs.

  • Packing Pro

    Packing Pro - iPhone (£2.99)

    Holiday booked up, but worried that you’ll pack the wrong things? Then download Packing Pro (only available on iPhone). When you’re ready, just tell it where you’re going, how long you’re going for and who you’re going with, and it’ll suggest what you should be taking.

    And, if that’s not enough, this clever app also breaks the packing suggestions down into different categories, such as essentials (passport, money etc.), clothes, gadgets and additional travellers (your partner or the kids). Packing will be a piece of cake with this one.

  • GasBuddy

    GasBuddy - iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows (free)

    If you’re off on a road trip, GasBuddy is the essential travel companion. This app helps you locate petrol (or gas) when you’re running low, and if you’re keen to plan ahead, you can use it to track the best fuel prices. Sometimes, the simplest smartphone apps are the best.

  • TravelSafe Pro

    TravelSafe Pro - Android

    This app will give you quick access to a database of helpful numbers for almost every country in the world. And that’s not just the local police, ambulances and fire brigades, but also embassy details – crucial if you lose your passport or face a similar kind of issue. Downloading this app means that you’ll have direct access to local help at the touch of a button, wherever you are.

  • XE Currency

    XE Currency - iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone (free)

    There’s nothing more annoying than going abroad and not knowing how much something costs or whether you’re getting a good deal on currency conversions. This app will tell you exactly what you’re paying for at any given time, helping you to get more for your moolah.

    It uses live data, it’s been downloaded more than five million times, and it could potentially save you a fortune while you’re away (although you’ll need to keep an eye on those roaming costs, unless you’re in a Feel At Home destination).

  • Field Trip (by Google)

    Field Trip (by Google) - iPhone, Android (free)

    Now you’ll never miss an historical site or place of interest again. This app looks for things around you that it thinks you’ll appreciate, based on categories you select and your location. You literally get a notification pop up on your smartphone when you’re getting near to something worth seeing. If you’re driving, you can get audio alerts too. The app takes recommendations from expert travel and lifestyle publications.

Don't forget, you can make the most of these apps when you’re abroad at no extra cost if you’re in one of our 60 Feel At Home destinations. Because all you’ll be able to call and text and use your data, just like you would in the UK, at no extra cost.