LG G4 camera review.


LG has packed lots of fab features into the LG G4, but how does the camera stack up against its rivals?

The likes of iPhone 6 and HTC One M9 have already impressed with their cameras so let’s see how the LG G4 compares.



Hi-res camera.


LG claim that the G4’s camera is “ground-breaking” - and after examining the impressive 16MP Hi-Res sensor that gives sharpness and speed on the rear-facing camera, it’s hard not to agree. Fans of video calling and selfies will be pleased to know that LG has increased the front-facing camera from the 2.1MP sensor of the LG G3, to a massive 8MP on the LG G4.


Low-light sensor.


With its f/1.8 lens, the LG G4 is perfect in all lights - good news if you love capturing all the best bits on a night out.


For the more serious photographers, LG have incorporated a manual mode that gives you advanced controls that are more typical of a DSLR camera. According to Techradar: “The low-light claims definitely hold up to scrutiny - trying it in darker, shadowy places the results were amazing, even compared to the Galaxy S6, which has excellent ability in this space too.”


Ultra-high definition.


With the LG G4 you can record and watch all your favourite moments in ultra-high-definition video. So you get amazing quality movies and images to share on social media, or through your TV.




If you’re a nifty photographer then you’ll enjoy the super quick auto-focus speeds.


It’s all thanks to the laser detection autofocus, optical image stabilisation, and the ability to expand the memory capacity with a Micro SD card.


Easy to use.


Using the Quick Shot mode is intuitive and time saving. Simply double tap the rear key to open the camera and snap a photo, even when the screen is off.


On top of this, you only need to make a simple hand gesture to the camera for it to take your photo.


Colour quality.


The ‘colour spectrum sensor’ analyses and measures visible light before you take your photo.According to LG, this means that image colours will be natural and vivid – again, even in low-light conditions.


According to Digital Camera World the G4 camera “offers probably the best image quality on the market for smartphones of its type…and beating many of the compact cameras on the market too.”



In summary, this is a camera suited to amateurs and serious photographers alike – offering automatic shot correction where needed and an advanced manual mode for those in the know. Techradar says that “In practice, the LG G4 is an accomplished camera, and up there with the best I've ever tested…”


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