Code of practice.

Code of practice.

Here you'll find general information about us, the services we offer and how to get in touch with us. In this code of practice we tell you about your rights as a UK mobile customer as well as your responsibilities when joining us. And we explain our commitment to you as a customer.

We always strive to deliver the highest standards of service possible. Apart from anything else, it simply makes good business sense. So one of the main reasons for publishing this code is to assure you of our good intentions and explain clearly what you can expect from us. There's another reason, too. Legally, we have to provide certain information to meet the requirements of the communications regulator, Ofcom.

We hope that we've made this code as clear as possible. If not just get in touch and we'll be happy to run through things. This code of practice is available on our website,, and on request by contacting customer services. Copies are available in some alternative formats.

We also produce supplementary codes on specific services and other mobile issues; if you want a copy of our codes or more general information please visit our website.

Who we are and what we offer

Three is the trading name for Hutchison 3G UK Limited. We are a UK mobile network operator; our head office is in Maidenhead.

We provide 3G (third generation) and 4G (fourth generation) mobile communications, incorporating mobile internet, voice, text and data services.

Our Commitment to you

Customer Services
We want to give customers a great service so we are always looking for ways to improve. However, if you feel we are not achieving this, please contact us. We want to deliver a service that you use, enjoy and value. That's why we provide clear, concise answers to questions, publish information that is relevant and easy to understand at, respond as quickly as possible to complaints and put you in control of your account with My3 account.

Contacting us couldn’t be simpler. You can get in touch with us by completing a form online, via email, phone, or send us a letter. If you’d prefer to talk face to face, why not visit one of our stores?


You'll find lots of useful information about Three and our services at

By online form or email
You can contact us by completing the web form at or by emailing us at

By phone - Pay Monthly
In the UK, you can call free from your Three mobile on 333.
You can also get in touch from abroad by calling +44 7782 333 333 - calls are charged at the current roaming rate.

By phone - PAYG
In the UK, you can call free from your Three mobile on 444.
You can also get in touch from abroad by calling +44 7782 333 444 - calls are charged at the current roaming rate.

By phone - Mobile Broadband
In the UK, you can call free from a Three mobile on 500. You can also get in touch from abroad by calling +44 7782 333 500 - calls are charged at the current roaming rate.

By phone – Business customers
In the UK, you can call free from your Three mobile on 337.
You can also get in touch from abroad by calling +44 7782 333 337 - calls are charged at the current roaming rate.

By phone from a non Three mobile
If you are a phone customer, dial 0333 300 3333 (calls are charged at your standard rate). If you are a mobile broadband customer, dial 0333 300 0500 (call are charged at your standard rate).

By post
Three Customer Services
Hutchison 3G UK Ltd
PO Box No. 333
G2 9AG

Ways to join Three

Price Plans & ways to pay
We aim to be highly competitive when it comes to our rates. Our prices vary depending on the plan you choose. The most up-to-date prices on our products and services are always available on our website and through Three stores and authorised retailers.

Pay Monthly price plans (packages including a device and SIM Only) usually have a minimum contract term, for example 24 months. If you are on a Pay Monthly plan you will have committed to remain connected to Three until the term has been completed. At Three we have the right to stop your service if you fail to pay money owed or breach our Terms and Conditions.

Some SIM Only Pay Monthly plans have a minimum term of one month and then continue to “roll” until you terminate these SIM only contracts at any time by giving us one month’s notice.

If you’re on a Pay Monthly contract, we bill you for the services you use on a monthly basis. Every month we send you either an electronic bill or a paper bill in the post. Your bill can be either a fully itemised bill or a summary statement. If you have opted for a paper bill and you want a fully itemised bill, you will pay a charge for the itemised bill (or you can choose a free of charge summary statement) If you have opted for an electronic bill, you can choose to receive a fully itemised bill or a summary bill free of charge. Our bills will show your usage, charges and the date that a payment is due.

As far as payment is concerned we’d prefer you to pay by a recurring payment method, such as Direct Debit, as it’s easier for us and for you. However, you can pay your bill by other methods including Visa, Amex or cheque. If you do choose to pay by a recurring payment method, you’re monthly charge will include a discount of £5 a month. For customer who choose not to pay in this way, this discount will be reversed, resulting in a charge of £5 a month being added to your bill.

If you're on a Pay Monthly price plan, you can check which calls, texts and services are included in your plan. Pay as You Go means just that - there’s no minimum term contract and no monthly bills; just buy a Pay as You Go phone from us and start using it straight away. When you run out of credit you just buy a Top-up voucher.

Pay As You Go Top-up vouchers can be purchased from a range of outlets across the UK including places you can purchase Three phones. If you register a credit or debit card, you can also top up using My3 online, My3 on your handset, and by calling 444 free from your Three phone. Further details on how it all works are available at You can check Three's network coverage by going to Network Coverage at or by contacting customer services.

Number Portability:

If you're a new customer to Three, you might want to move your existing mobile phone number to us. You can do this in three easy steps:

1. Contact the customer service group of your old service provider and ask for a PAC (Port Authorisation Code). Your old service provider must give you the PAC, or a reason why it cannot be issued, within 2 hours of your request. Usually your old service provider will be able to provide your PAC over the phone or by SMS, and may also follow this up in writing.

2. Once you have your PAC, you need to give it to us before we can move your number. You can give us your PAC over the phone by calling 333 from your Three phone, using the online form at our Welcome to Three page, or by calling 0333 300 3333 (Your standard call charges will apply). Your PAC is valid for a period of 30 calendar days and your request must be submitted to Three within that time. If you don't give us your PAC within that time, you'll need to ask your old service provider for a new one.

3. If you ask for your number to be moved before 5pm Monday-Friday (excluding bank holidays), it should be moved during the next working day. If you ask to move your number outside of these times, we'll process your request as soon as we can on the next working day, and let you know when your number will be moved.

Remember that if you transfer your number whilst you're still in the minimum term of your contract with your old provider, you may be liable for payments under that contract. However, you are entitled to request and receive your PAC at any time regardless of any payments that may be due to your provider under your contract.

If you are a Three customer and you want to move your number to another service provider, you should call us and ask for a PAC. Your PAC will be valid for 30 calendar days. You'll need to give your PAC to your new service provider to move your number to that network. If you don't use your PAC within those 30 days, you'll continue to receive and be charged for services from Three.

Keeping you up to date

We use customer bills, leaflets, emails, letters, text, picture and video messages to keep you up to date with our news, services, products and exclusive deals. The latest Information is also available online at our website.

Your privacy
We'll only use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and relevant UK data protection and privacy legislation. You’ll find our Privacy Policy on our website and in our Terms and Conditions. An up to date copy of our Privacy Policy can be viewed at and Terms and Conditions can be viewed at

By agreeing to the terms of our Privacy Policy, you give us permission to collect information about how, when and where you use our services. With your consent, we may from time to time contact you for marketing purposes (see the section called 'Keeping you up to date') and share your information with members of the Three group – but not with anyone else. If we collect sensitive information, we'll seek your permission first before sharing it.

Subject to your preferences and only where you have given us permission, we may enter your name, address and telephone number in a publicly available directory enquiry service and directories operated by us or by a licensed third party operator such as BT.

For further information, or answers to queries, please send an email to or write to:

DPA Officer
Star House
20 Grenfell Road

Warranty, repairs and insurance

Your mobile will be covered by a manufacturer's warranty covering defects in material or workmanship. If you experience a problem with your device, just get in touch with us and we will tell you what to do next.

If your device needs to be repaired, you will need to get in contact with the manufacturer so that it can be sent for repair. The device is normally repaired and returned back to you within 5 days.

We also offer insurance to cover you if anything goes wrong with your handset or if it gets lost or stolen – you can find out more about this at

Returns & Exchanges policy

We always hope you’re happy with your new purchase, whether it’s a Device or Accessory, and/or a service agreement for our Network Services, but just in case you’re not, here’s what you can do.

Purchases from Three Stores
We’re sorry, but if you bought a Device or Accessory from a Three Store and you change your mind, you’ll be unable to return or exchange it, except in accordance with your statutory rights.

Purchases from and Telesales
If you change your mind, you can return or exchange your purchase within 14 days of receiving your Device or SIM card (where no Device was purchased). If you use any services during the returns period, you could be charged for those services and any reduction in value of the Device - you can turn on and use your Device to inspect it and to make sure you’ve received what you thought you were buying, but if any damage is caused, or it is used beyond what’s reasonable, we have the right to charge you for any loss in value to the goods as a result of your use or damage. You’re allowed to do what is reasonable to ensure you’ve received what you thought you were buying and that it works as expected. All Devices must be returned without, together with all packaging, manuals, accessories, any free gifts and your proof of payment.

You’ll also need to provide your receipt or delivery note as proof of purchase. If you are unsure what to do, please:
1. contact the retailer that sold it to you (if you didn’t purchase your device directly from Three); or
2. return to the Three Store that sold it to you (if you purchased your device from a Three store; or
3. call 0333 300 3333 (your standard call charges will apply) if you purchased your device from Three’s telephone sales team or

Other retailers that aren’t Three.
You’ll need to check with them to see what their returns and exchanges policy is. If you are given an exchange or refund, but have connected to Three and used any of our services then we may charge you for these. A full copy of our Returns & Exchange policy can be found at

Our Network reliability

The network may cease to function if there is a power cut or failure that affects the Three network. These failures may be caused by reasons outside our control. There can also be instances where service has to be stopped for a short period while essential maintenance is carried out. We try to keep these periods as infrequent and brief as possible and try to warn you if we think you will be affected.

Emergency Services

You can make free calls to emergency services from your Three mobile. When you’re outside of coverage on our network, your phone will try to locate another mobile network so that you can make emergency calls. Emergency service calls cannot be made using the Skype service on your Three mobile.

The Key Small Print

Terms & Conditions
If your Price Plan has a minimum term then you are committed to remain connected to Three until the expiry of that minimum term. If you sign up to a Pay Monthly Package which includes a Device, the Monthly Charge for this is the minimum price you agree to pay us for Three Services provided to you under your agreement, for the Minimum Term. Each May, your Monthly Charge will increase by an amount up to the January RPI rate (published each February), unless you're on a SIM plan. If the January RPI rate is negative, there will be no change to your Monthly Charge in the May.Three reserves the right to terminate service to a customer at any time if a customer fails to pay money owed to Three or breaches Three's Terms and Conditions.

If you are on a minimum term contract, you are expected to pay any outstanding sums owed to the end of the minimum term of the contract.

Whether you're thinking about Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly, it's important you read and agree to stick to our Terms & Conditions. You'll find these wherever Three devices are sold. A copy of our latest Terms and Conditions can also be viewed on our website at

About this code

We review and update it regularly to make sure that it meets current requirements. If you've got a question about our compliance with this code, please write to:

General Counsel
Star House
20 Grenfell Road

Or email your question to

Updated as of: 1 July 2015