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Terms & conditions.

Terms & Conditions.

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By registering as a Free Agent you agree to comply with these terms and conditions (including our Privacy Policy).  This forms a contract between you and Hutchison 3G UK Limited (trading as “3”) and referred to as “3”, “us” or “we” below.  A little further down we explain how we will pay you if your friends take up our free SIM offer and then top up. 

Can you participate?

  • You confirm that you are 16 or older.
  • The Free Agent scheme is not available to employees of 3 or its affiliates (including 3UK Retail Limited and Hutchison 3G Ireland Limited).  By becoming a Free Agent, you confirm that you are not an employee of 3 or its affiliates.  If you subsequently become such an employee then you must cease being a Free Agent.

Email and Website applications:

  • You agree that you will only send Free Agent emails to those of your contacts who you know will be happy to receive them.  You further agree that you will not target any marketing of 3 SIMs to people who are under 16.

Eligibility for Free Agent rewards:

  • You will only be entitled to receive a Free Agent reward if someone (who we will refer to as the “Shopper”) signs up to receive a free 3 SIM and then tops it up by £10 or more.  The Shopper must sign up using the link which is embedded in the email sent by you (if you choose the email option) or the link from your Facebook Page (if you choose the Facebook option).  The Free Agent reward is a one-off payment the first time the Shopper tops up the new SIM by £10 or more.  This offer cannot be applied retrospectively.  The Free Agent and the Shopper cannot be the same person. 

Payment of Free Agent rewards: 

  • We will not pay you directly. Instead, each time you earn a Free Agent reward, 3 will transfer that reward into your registered PayPal account. 
  • If you have not registered your PayPay account then we will email you to ask you to establish a PayPal account when you earn your first reward.   If you do not provide us with your PayPal account details within 3 months of earning a Free Agent reward then you will not be paid that reward. 3 is not responsible if you are unable, for whatever reason, to set up an account with PayPal or if PayPal fails to pay you the reward.
  • Persons under 18 are not entitled to establish a PayPal account, however you may authorise us to pay your Free Agent reward into the PayPay account of another person.  Please note that we will not be liable if that other person fails to pay you the reward.
  • We will pay your Free Agent rewards into your authorised PayPal account within 28 days of you earning that reward (ie a Shopper topping up the SIM by £10 or more).
  • (Note: PayPal may charge you an administration fee to set up your account. You, not 3, are responsible for paying that fee. In addition, PayPal may impose additional terms and conditions on you as the holder of an account with PayPal. You, not 3, are responsible for complying with those terms and conditions and meeting any associated costs).
  • If you don't supply us with a valid email address, or if your email address changes and you don't tell us, then we will not be able to contact you and you may not be paid. 
  • Your right to payment is subject to your ongoing compliance with these Terms and Conditions. 3 may at any time, and at its sole discretion, withhold payment to you if it suspects that you have provided incorrect or misleading information to Shoppers, if you have not obtained authorisations to communicate with your Shoppers, if your Shoppers have paid for SIM top ups using a stolen, invalid or expired credit or debit card or 3 is required to refund a credit or debit card provider in respect of the SIM top-ups or if 3 suspects you are otherwise interfering in any way with the 3 Network or misusing the Free Agent Service.
  • You, not 3, are responsible for making sure that you pay any income or other taxes that you incur as a result of using the Free Agent service.

Suspension, Variation and Termination to the Free Agent Service: 

  • We may suspend the Free Agent service to new Shoppers or discontinue the Free Agent service at any time and for any reason on 30 days notice (which we may post of the 3 website). If we suspend or discontinue the Free Agent service then we will continue to pay Free Agent rewards where a Shopper has topped up a SIM ordered through your link with at least £10 before the date of suspension or discontinuation of the service. If you are due reward and have not registered a valid PayPal ID before the suspension or discontinuation of the service your Free Agent reward will not be paid.
  • We may suspend or remove you as a Free Agent at any time and without notice to you if you have provided us with false or misleading information or if we suspect that you are misusing the Free Agent Service, you have breached these terms and conditions or the website terms and conditions or the Privacy Policy, or if we have received a serious complaint about you (whether or not it is ultimately substantiated) or if you have otherwise engaged in conduct which may breach any law or regulation or bring us into disrepute. 

Limitation of Liability:

  • Note: 3 cannot, and you acknowledge and agree that 3 will not, be liable, whether through negligence or breach of contract or otherwise, for any loss or damage (whether direct, indirect or consequential and including loss of revenue or profit) which you suffer or incur in connection with your use of the Free Agent Service.
  • Except as set out above: 

(a)    all other terms, conditions and warranties are excluded to the extent permitted by law;
(b)    our entire liability to you for something we do or don’t do in connection with the Free agent Service will be limited to £1000 for one claim or a series of related claims; and
(c)    we are not liable for any loss of income, business or profits, or for any loss or corruption of data in connection with the use of 3 Services. We are not liable for any loss or damage that was not reasonably foreseeable when you entered into the agreement.

  • Nothing in this agreement removes or limits our liability for fraud, for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or for any liability which can’t be limited or excluded by applicable law.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.