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Terms & conditions.

Terms & Conditions.

> Managing your internet experience

Improving our network
We’re improving our network every day, and by the end of this year our customers will have an even bigger, better, faster network. At the same time customer usage of our Mobile Broadband services is increasing dramatically.

We want all our Mobile Broadband customers to have the best possible internet experience, so there are certain things we need to do to make sure it meets your needs.

What happens at busy times?
We carefully manage the traffic on our Mobile Broadband network so that everyone has a fair share of the service. So in an area with a particularly high number of people using the internet (and during busy times like 6pm to midnight) we may manage the speed of things like file sharing, software updates and some download activity which can slow down our service.  This activity might feel slower than usual during these times. The majority of our customers who are simply browsing the internet, won’t be affected.
If you have concerns about the quality of your coverage or need technical support, please call 0333 300 0500 from any UK landline (calls cost 5.1p per minute), or if you have a 3 mobile call 500 for free. See how our network is improving at three.co.uk/network