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Terms & Conditions.

> MiFi and iPod touch bundle

MiFi and iPod touch


3 Wireless Modem and 3 Wireless Modem with iPod Touch available as a package with a bundle of text messages which can be sent from a PC. The Wireless Modem is also available on its own in some 3 retail channels from £39.99 depending upon the price plan. Alternatively, you could buy an "Add-Text with Device" add-on, and get either package from only £2 per month as well as your chargeable data plan (minimum 18 month term contract), where the Wireless Modem and iPod Touch (if applicable) are essentially included at no extra charge with a text bundle. Inclusive texts are texts sent from a compatible PC in the UK, to UK mobiles using a text messaging application on your PC.


You need to download the software for the text message application (included with the Wireless Modem) and this currently works with Windows XP or Vista. The text messaging application and text messaging currently doesn't work with Mac operating systems, but it can be used for Mobile Wifi.