Pay As You Go rates on Three.

Our Pay As You Go rates for data are unbeatable.


Three 4GB**10GB**12GB 36GBUnlimited Data* Unlimited Data
EE 2GB*5GB*10GB10GB* 20GB*
Vodafone 3GB5GB10GB 20GB
GiffGaff 6GB15GB40GBUnlimited GB***
Lebara 3GB5GB10GB25GB
Lyca 4GB16GB**Forever Data***25GB*
Tesco Mobile 4GB8GB16GB

Three – * Unlimited Data for £90.00 for 90 days (£30.00/month) ** Double your data
EE - * EE Flex Plans 
Vodafone - * Double Data for first 3 bundles
GiffGaff – * Double Data
Lyca Mobile – * 50% discount applied to plan for first 30-days ** Includes 10GB Extra Data
***Speed restrictions apply to Always On & Forever Data after 40GB of data usage on GiffGaff and 9GB data usage on Lyca Mobile

Calls, texts and data.

ThreeEEO2VodafoneGiffGaffLebaraLycaTesco Mobile
3p per min 35p per min3p per min30p per min15p a min19p a min19p Mobile/12p Landline25p per min
2p per text 15p per text2p per text14p per text5p per text19p per text19p per text10p per text
1p per MB £1*1p per MB£2 for 50MB5p per MB9p per MB12p per MB10p per MB

Calls, Texts and Data – We have compared the Pay As You Go rates on Three to the lowest available UK rates for the providers listed below. Calls are to standard UK landlines and mobiles only - other calls may cost more.

Add-ons – Bundle comparison based non-promotional pricing on O2 Big Bundles, EE Everything Packs, EE Data Packs, EE Flex SIM, Vodafone Data Rollover, Tesco Mobile PAYG Rocket Packs, Lyca Mobile standard UK Plans, Lebara Mobile All in & giffgaff goodybags.

Tables updated monthly (last updated 25/10/19)

*EE don’t charge a standard rate per MB. Their data is exclusive on PAYG to their bundles

Independent checks performed by FDM Logo on behalf of Three.

Download the PDF comparison table here.

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