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Happy with your handset and just need a SIM? We’ve got a wide range of plans for you to pick from.

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Plan benefits.

Three Essential Plans.

Cut out the stuff you don't need for the stuff you really do.

Three Advanced Plans.

Worry-free mobile with all the extras.

All-you-can-eat texts.

All our plans come with all-you-can-eat texts, so you can send as many standard rate text messages as your fingers can type in the UK. If you’re on one of our Advanced Plans, you can send up to 5,000 standard rate text messages back to the UK from any Feel At Home destination each month.

Add extra data anytime.

Don’t worry if you run out of data halfway through the month. You can buy more any time you like in your My3 account giving you all the flexibility you need.

Use your phone abroad at no extra cost.

Our Advanced Plans let you use your data allowance, text and call the UK from abroad at no extra cost with Feel At Home. Available in 60 destinations including Spain and New Zealand. Find out more about Feel At Home.

Personal hotspot allowance.*

If you’re taking out an Advanced Plan you can use all of your data allowance as a personal hotspot in the UK, unless you have chosen an all-you-can-eat data plan. In this case, you can use up to 30GB as a personal hotspot in the UK. Our new Essential plans don’t include a personal hotspot allowance.

4G at no extra cost.

Experience mobile internet at its best without paying a penny extra. All you need is a 4G phone in a 4G coverage area.

Set usage limits and alerts.

Along with our fixed data allowances, our usage alerts for minutes and data make sure you never spend more than you planned.

Control your spending.

If you run out of minutes you can block outgoing calls so you don’t run up any extra charges. Plus you can block calls and texts to numbers that always fall outside of your allowance (like 0845 and 118).

* We no longer offer SIM plans that support all-you-can-eat Personal Hotspot use. If you want to use Personal Hotspot regularly, we recommend our SIM only plan with all-you-can-eat phone data and a 30GB Personal Hotspot allowance, which should be more than enough for the vast majority of our customers. If you would like more, you may want to investigate our Mobile Broadband options.

Useful information.

Switching to a new SIM plan.

Already on one of our older plans? As your minimum term has ended, you can switch to one of our new plans any time you like. It's really easy – we just move your new plan details on to your existing SIM.

Keeping your existing number.

Want to join from another network? We'd love to have you – and you can keep your old phone number, no problem.

Delivery of your SIM.

Sign up to one of our new plans today and you'll have your new SIM in 3 working days.

Getting advice before you sign up.

Not sure which plan is right for you? Call us on 333 from your Three phone, 0333 300 3333 from any other phone (standard rates apply), or visit your local 3 Store.