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Frequently asked questions

Does Home Broadband need to be installed?

No installation is needed when you choose a Home Broadband deal for your home. You only have to plug your Broadband hub in and within moments you’re online. We offer next working day delivery, so you can get connected as soon as possible.

Can I get Home Broadband without paying line rental?

Because no phone line or cable is necessary to get 4G Broadband from Three, there’s no line rental to pay.

Is there a Home Broadband set-up fee?

There’s no fee to pay when you sign up to one of our home wireless Broadband plans. The only cost will be your Pay Monthly charge, or an upfront fee if you choose a Pay As You Go Home Broadband plan. There’s nothing else to pay. Even postage is free.

Can I get Home Broadband with no contract?

We have Pay As You Go Home Broadband plans available if you prefer not to commit to a contract. We also have rolling monthly contracts available if you only need Home Broadband for a short period.

Can I get Unlimited data on Home Broadband?

We have many plans available, including Unlimited 4G Home Broadband. Unlimited is available on selected Pay Monthly Home Broadband plans but is not available on Pay As You Go Home Broadband plans.

Which 4G Home Broadband hub is best?

We offer Home Broadband plans on 2 hubs:

HomeFi is a Wi-Fi router that’s easy to set up. You can connect up to 32 devices to your new wireless network.

AI Cube is a Wi-Fi hotspot and smart speaker combined. You can connect up to 64 devices and ask Alexa to play your favourite tunes, book appointments, order pizza and more.