Payforit is a payment service, developed by mobile operators, that lets you buy digital content and services such as apps, videos and games directly from your phone or computer.

When you use Payforit, the cost of the content or service you buy is added straight to your Three monthly bill or Pay As You Go balance, so you don’t need a credit or debit card or to pre-register any details.

Payforit is available wherever the company you are buying from offers it as a payment option, just look for the Payforit logo.

You'll see all Payforit charges within the Payforit section of your monthly bill, along with the name of the service, the price and the customer care number to call if you have a query with any particular charge.

How to use Payforit.

Using Payforit is easy, just follow the steps below:

Payment screen.

Once you click on a piece of content and choose to pay by mobile, you'll be taken to the Payforit payment screens.

Payforit is (at least) a two-step process. On the first screen, you'll see the item's name, its cost, the name of the provider and any other relevant information, along with a buy button. On the second screen you'll be asked to confirm that you want to make the purchase. 

Please make sure you check the Payforit terms and conditions on the payment screens before continuing.

Payment over mobile data.

If you're using your mobile data, Payforit will recognise your phone number automatically. Click Buy Now to proceed.

Payment over Wi-Fi.

If you're using Wifi, either on your mobile or desktop, you'll need to enter your mobile number and press continue.

You'll then receive a text message with an authorisation code, which you'll then need to enter. Click Buy Now to proceed.

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Confirmation screen.

Payforit FAQ.

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More help.

Additional information, help and support can be found on the Payforit site.