Mobile Broadband Add-on costs on Pay As You Go.

Here you can find more information about our Tablet, Mobile Wi-Fi and dongle plans on Pay As You Go, and how much you'll be charged for using the internet.

On 3 February 2016, we introduced our new Data Reward Pay As You Go plan to join our existing Pay As You Go tariff. If you're on our new Data Reward plan, you get 200MB data free every month when you register with us at

You can use your free data straight away and it lasts for 30 days. Each month, another 200MB of free data will be added automatically to your account. If you would like to get a Data Reward SIM, you can do so online at


Our existing Mobile Broadband tariff offers the below data Add-ons, giving you great value on your internet use.

If you’re not sure what Add-ons are, or want to know how to buy an Add-on, check out Buying data & Add-ons. Alternatively, if you just need more information about Pay As You Go Add-ons, visit How Pay As You Go Add-ons work.

Once you've used up all your data allowance, you'll then need to top-up again. You can read more about topping-up on our main top-up page.




Pay per month 1GB.

(lasts up to 30 days)



Pay per month 3GB.

(lasts up to 30 days)



Pay per month 7GB.

(last up to 30 days)



Pay per month 500MB.

(lasts up to 48 hours)



With our new Data Reward plan, you can buy the following Add-ons:



2GB ( lasts up to 30 days)


5GB (lasts up to 30 days)


10GB (lasts up to 30 days)


How Add-ons work.

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