I can access my My3 account at any time and it's really easy to use. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.


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Manage your account on the web or on the go.




Manage bills.

Check usage.

Make sure that you don't run out of call time.

Check and pay your bills in minutes.

No surprises - keep track of your usage.

  Get to know about My3.

What is My3?
My3 is a handy tool that makes it really easy to keep track of your spending. You can access it free from your phone or computer. Use it to:
•   see how much of your allowances you've got left each month
•   view and print your bills
•   buy top-ups if you're on Pay As You Go
•   buy Add-ons
•   upgrade your phone (if you’re in the last 30 days of your contract)
•   update your personal details, like your home/email address etc.
How do I access My3?
My3 on the go. 
With My3 on your phone, it's easy to keep track of your allowances wherever you are, and if you are not on wifi, there's no need to register or log in.
Just type mobile.three.co.uk into your phone's browser and select ‘My3 account’.
The Three app.
If you have an iPhone or Android phone, the Three app gives you free, superfast access to My3 whenever you need it. You’ll also find helpful guides to common problems such as setting up email and transferring contacts. It’s the easiest way to manage your account.
Why do I need the Three app?
Our App is designed to help you use your phone or iPad and is made up of these sections:
  • My3 account.
  • Here you can quickly access your My3 account to check your bill or balance, pay your bill, buy top-ups or Add-ons and much more.
  • Help.
  • Here you can find help information specific to your phone. You can also find support on getting started, billing, upgrades, using the internet and apps and more.
  • Setting up.
  • Here you can find some quick guides to help you get started in your first few weeks of using your phone or iPad.
  • Top 5 help. (iPad only)
  • This is where you'll find our top related support topics specific to your iPad.
  • Play the game.
  • On the iPhone and iPad versions of the app, there's also a fun free game where you need to clear all the bubbles from the play area. Just shake the app and it'll turn into the game.

My3 on the web.

Manage your account easily online.

My3 on the go.

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