If you joined us between June 2009 and September 2010 you’ll be on our 3Pay tariff. 3Pay gives you a bundle of free texts, free internet and free Three-to-Three calls every time you top-up. Once you’ve used up your free allowance, calls are 26p per minute and text messages are 11p per text.

You won’t be able to get unlimited data if you’re on 3Pay. To get unlimited with one of our All-in-One Add-ons, you’ll need to switch to Pay As You Go on Three. Just call 333 and talk to us about moving to Pay As You Go on Three.

Pay As You Go on Three.

What it costs.

Three-to-Three calls

Free for 45 days with top-up, then 26p/min

Texts to any UK mobile

Free allowance with every top-up, then 11p/text

Mobile internet

Free allowance of 150MB that lasts for 48 hours with every top-up, then 31p / MB

Voice calls to other UK mobiles*

26p / min

Voice calls to any UK landline*

26p / min

UK video messages


UK picture messages



Free (compatible phone required)

Calls to voicemail in the UK

16p / min

*For UK calls made from a UK mobile to standard UK landlines and mobiles. This doesn’t include calls made to a premium rate, NTS, or special call numbers, and doesn’t include any international calls or calls made while roaming abroad.


3Pay gives you free texts, Three-to-Three calls and internet use every time you top-up. This all lasts for 45 days and you get it on top of your credit. The more you top-up with, the more free texts you get. You can also double the free texts on some top-ups by topping up using your My3 account:


Free texts

When you top-up in My3
















*Every top-up also comes with 150MB of internet access that lasts for 48 hours and free Three-to-Three calls.


You can get even better value with the 3Pay tariff by using your credit to buy one of our voice, text or data Add-ons.

Voice Add-ons.

All our voice Add-ons last for 30 days after activation.

Top-up by

Lets you buy

You get

You save*



100 minutes




250 minutes




500 minutes


*Compared with the regular 3Pay tariff.

Text Add-ons.

Cost of Add-on

Lets you buy

You get


Add Text 40

40 messages


Add Text 80

80 messages


Add Text 200

200 messages

Data Add-ons.

If you need to use the internet on your phone more than usual, you can get a data Add-on. Our data Add-ons below are valid for one day, one week and one month respectively.

Cost of Add-on

Lets you buy

You get


Internet daily



Internet weekly



Internet monthly


How Add-ons work.

Our other phone tariffs.

If you're not on 3Pay, you'll be on one of our other tariffs below. If you’d like to change your tariff, call us for free on 333 from your Three phone or 0333 300 3333 from any other phone (standard rates apply).

If you're not sure which tariff you’re on, you can check in My3, by clicking View your plan.

Pay As You Go on Three.


More Pay As You Go help.

Getting started
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