Best accessories for Microsoft phones.

Last updated: 15 July 2016

Are you getting the most out of your LG phone or tablet? Check out some of the best accessories available and set your LG free. And if you’re lucky enough to have the new LG G4, now’s the time to accessorise…

Experience the power of Windows 10 on the latest Microsoft Lumia 550.Together with our kick-ass 4G Super-Voice, you can get things done quicker and in places you couldn’t before – and even have a word with Cortana, your very own personal assistant. The Lumia 550 is the ultimate productivity device, but it’s not all work and no play.

We’ve pulled together our favourite accessories compatible with Microsoft phones.

  • Hive 2 Bluetooth speaker.

    Hive 2 Bluetooth speaker.

    A speaker that you can speak to? That’s exactly what this is. It’s the Hive 2 Bluetooth speaker.

    It’s got a built-in mic so you can answer calls, hear the other person and talk back through the speaker, before getting back to your music. And with 4G Super-Voice from Three, the signal travels much further into buildings, so you can take this speaker and your Microsoft phone to places you couldn’t before, and stream ‘til your heart’s delight. Magic.

  • Kit wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

    Kit wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

    The Lumia 550 comes with Microsoft Office built-in, featuring Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps. That means you don’t have to get back to your desk to finish your work, you can do it on your phone – or whip out this Kit wireless Bluetooth keyboard – and get it done wherever you are with all the comfort of a full sized QWERTY keypad.

  • SuperTooth Crystal hands-free car kit.

    SuperTooth Crystal hands-free car kit.

    Crystal – SuperTooth's latest addition to its Bluetooth speakerphone line – makes hands-free calling a piece of cake. Ultra sleek and super slim, Crystal attaches to your car’s sun visor and is able to connect up to two phones at a time for up to 20 hours’ talk time. This nifty little number also supports voice recognition calling, streams music and announces turn-by-turn nav (read our phones and driving guide for more info).

  • Pantone Power Bank.

    Pantone Power Bank.

    Stuck without power? No problem. Give your Microsoft phone a boost with the Pantone Universal 3000 mAh Power Bank. It charges instantly when connected to your device, so you don’t have to ever be caught short on the go. Reusable, water-resistant packaging is also ideal for taking the Pantone travelling.

  • Rox Wireless stereo headset.

    Rox Wireless stereo headset.

    Rox Wireless lets you control your playlists and calls using in-line controls, so you can spin your tunes or stream YouTube vids in HD Dolby® sound, straight from your pocket. Its design is based on the same in-ear monitors used by pro musicians, so you can really feel the bass.

  • KitSound™ iSplit headphone splitter.

    KitSound™ iSplit headphone splitter.

    You know when you come across an amazing tune and you want to share it with your mates? Well, the KitSound™ iSplit lets you do just that. It works by connecting two sets of headphones or speakers to the one output jack on your phone. Just plug it into your phone and you’re all set. Also handy if you want to watch a film together.

Find more accessories for your new Microsoft phone on the Three Accessories website.