Protect your phone and tablet in winter.

Last updated: 30 November 2015

Protect your phone and tablet in winter.

Crank up the heating. Wrap up warm. And batten down the hatches.

Just as you protect yourself and your home when the weather turns nasty, it’s always a good idea to protect your device. We all know that rain and gadgets don’t mix, but did you know that cold weather can also play havoc with your smartphone or tablet?

Here are some top tips for protecting your device against the winter chill (especially if you’re lucky enough to have the new iPhone 7 ):


  1. Limit your usage in the cold.

    Freezing weather can lead to cracked screens, so it might be best to keep your smartphone or tablet tucked away in your pocket or bag on the coldest days of the year. Only use it when you really need to, or once you’re indoors out of the cold.
  2. Keep it close by.

    If you leave your device in a freezing car you’re asking for trouble and it can lead to permanent internal and external damage. In severely low temperatures your phone will power off and we’d recommend letting it warm up a bit before turning it back on. Condensation can form inside the device if you turn it on while it’s still cold, which can lead to water damage.
  3. Keep it charged or carry a charger with you.

    Cold weather can really reduce your battery life. So keep your smartphone or tablet charged if you want to use it out and about in the cold. If your battery is full before going out into the cold, it’s less likely to lose power. Keep a mobile charger around for long trips, and an in-car charger could be a life-saver.
  4. Buy a case or protective cover.

    There are some pretty weird and wonderful cases out there, so protection for your device can be fun. On a practical level, they’ll keep your device slightly warmer. Phone socks are also pretty cute and might help thaw out a device that has lost all its battery power due to freezing temperatures.
  5. Get your gloves on.

    If you need a pair of gloves this winter, make sure you get some that are touchscreen compatible. That way, you can keep your hands warm and use your device without getting caught out by frozen digits. There are some great winter touchscreen gloves out there including ones with anti-slip grip (reducing the risk of dropping your phone or tablet), insulated layers for added warmth and ‘full hand conductivity’ (which basically means you won’t lose out on touch accuracy).
  6. And lastly, keep yourself warm.

    Frozen mitts and shivery limbs aren’t conducive to careful handling. You can prevent accidental drops when your body reacts to the cold by wrapping yourself up and keeping toasty.


Cover yourself with Three Rescue.

Of course, if you want ultimate peace of mind, the hassle-free way to protect your device is with Three Rescue. If you’re treating yourself or someone you love to a brand new smartphone or tablet this Christmas you’d be daft not to insure it. With Three Rescue you get worldwide cover against:


  1. Loss
  2. Theft
  3. Accidental damage (including liquid damage)
  4. Malicious damage
  5. Pet damage
  6. Out-of-warranty breakdown (including that which is due to extreme weather conditions).


Three Rescue will have you covered and protect your device from the elements.