How to watch TV and movies on your iPad.

How to watch TV and movies on your iPad.

Forget box sets clogging up the living room, and kiss goodbye to the stacks of DVDs gathering dust on the shelves. If you love TV and movies, all you need is your iPad.


Thanks to the array of nifty on-demand apps and streaming services out there, you can use your tablet as a portable TV to watch whatever you want, wherever you want.


Here’s a quick guide to a few of the must-have services needed for bringing the big screen to your tablet:



BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayeriPad, Android, Windows (all free)


Download the free app, or watch online - the service from the BBC lets you catch-up on the TV and radio programmes you missed over the previous seven days. The iPlayer also transmits live BBC shows, should you find yourself at home without a TV. Watch out though, you must have a UK TV licence in order to make use of any live streaming services.



4oD iPad, Android, Windows (all free)


Pretty much what it says on the tin, 4oD allows you to watch all your favourite Channel 4, E4, Film4 and More4 programmes on-demand - even those dating back a fair few years. However, just like watching the real “box”, the Channel 4 catch-up services come with ads. Create an account and you’ll never have to miss another episode of Made in Chelsea again.


ITV Player

ITV PlayeriPad, Android, Windows (all free)


You get the drill. If you’re a serial Corrie addict or like to dabble with a bit of Dancing On Ice, this one’s for you. For a monthly subscription of £3.99, ITV also offer iOS users the option of upgrading to their Premium Player, to enjoy uninterrupted, ad-free TV. You'll just have to find another time to make that customary ad-break cuppa.


Sky Go

Sky GoiPad, Android (free for Sky TV customers)


Already a Sky TV customer? Download the Sky Go app or sign in online, and you can make use of all those extra channels wherever you go.



Netflix iPad, Android, Windows (monthly subscription)


 A huge hit in the US, Netflix is also really popular in the UK at the moment, and it’s definitely a top choice for movie-buffs missing their local Blockbusters. For a reasonable monthly fee, you get enough movies and TV shows to give you square eyes. What’s more, it offers a free one-month trial, so for 30 days you can instantly access around 2,000 films and TVs shows without having to pay a penny.



Viewster iPad, Android (free)


Although it’s not so hot on the latest Hollywood blockbusters, ad-funded free streaming service Viewster does offer a hefty range of international films and TV shows for the more culturally orientated film fanatic. From Japanese anime to Swedish crime, you can travel the world with a click of a finger.


Knowhow Movies

Knowhow MoviesiPad, Android (prices vary)


Another subscription-less rent or buy service for the not-committed, Knowhow Movies offers the latest TV and film releases in HD. So if you’re after a high-quality experience, this is the one for you.


With Mobile Broadband packages from around £5 per month, and 4G at no extra cost, watching movies and TV on-the-go with Three has never been easier.


Check out our 3Likes store for more TV and movie apps. If you have any others to recommend, tweet @ThreeUK with your suggestions.