Expedia support.

12% Expedia voucher code from Three

Claiming & using your discount code.

Find out all you need to know about the 12% discount on Expedia hotel bookings – exclusive to Three customers.

Claiming your Expedia discount code.

It’s really easy to claim your code. Just go to www.three.co.uk/expedia and enter your details.


You’ll be given a unique discount code to use on the Expedia App. It’s 16 digits long, and case-sensitive.

Using your Expedia discount code.

During the hotel booking process, you’ll see a link that says Enter a Coupon or Promotional Code. Just type in your unique discount code, then click Apply.


You’ll see the discounted cost of the hotel reservation, before any taxes, fees or additional costs are applied.
Some important things to remember:

  • The discount code gives you 12% off one standalone hotel booking only (excluding taxes, fees or additional costs), and can’t be combined with anything else – for example, hotel + flight, hotel + car etc. You’ll need to reserve flights and other bookings separately.
  • All eligible hotels listed in the Expedia app are included in the promotion. You must book using the Android or iOS Expedia app – you can’t claim your discount over the phone, or using any other phone operating system. If you don’t have a device running Android or iOS but you know someone with one that does, you can use the app on their device to book your hotel and use your code.
  • You must redeem your discount code between 6 January and 6 April 2015 inclusive.
  • Hotel booking dates must be between 7 January 2015 and 31 December 2015 inclusive.
  • There’s a £10 minimum spend when you book a hotel, The discount code is only valid for a single use, and there’s one code available for each Three account.
  • You can only use one discount code per transaction – you can’t combine promotional codes.

Note: If a discount has already been applied to a hotel on the Expedia site, you can still claim your 12% discount on the booking.  

Getting a new discount code – the original is lost, expired or doesn’t work.

The code is case-sensitive, so make sure you enter it exactly as you were given it to get your discount.


If you need a reminder of your code, just enter your details again at www.three.co.uk/expedia.

If your code isn’t working for some reason, give us a call on 333 and we’ll try and find out why.


Downloading the Expedia app.

Just click the relevant app store link below.

Viewing on a desktop? Go to your app store and search for Expedia.

The app is free to download, however normal data usage charges apply unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi.