Go Binge

All our phone and SIM plans with 12GB and above give you unlimited use of all these apps at no extra cost*

*Some additional content, including adverts which are embedded in these services, may come out of your regular data
allowance. Some services also require separate subscriptions that aren't included.


Unlimited music

Rock and roll all night, and party every day with infinite use of Apple Music, Deezer and SoundCloud, without using up any of your data.


Unlimited TV streaming

Don't stop mid-season ever again. With Netflix and TV Player, you can stream infinitely without fearing for your data.

How to get Go Binge

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Already in love with your device? No bother, you can still grab Go Binge.

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We've got shiny new phones to help you watch your fave shows.

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Get Mobile Broadband to rule them all with Go Binge included as standard.

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How to check if you have Go Binge

1. Download the Three App
2. Go to your Plan section
3. Scroll to Active Add-ons section

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Never lose your Snap-streak again. You can pose, filter and post to your heart's content without worrying about your data bill. Say cheese!

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How does Go Binge work?

Providing you have some of your monthly data left in your allowance, you can access selected Go Binge partner services at no extra cost, and without using up that data. As long as you're on an eligible plan, you won't need to do anything to activate Go Binge.

Can I use Go Binge abroad?

You can use your data abroad to Go Binge with Go Roam, but it's worth remembering that you'll have different usage restrictions depending on where you're going. Check out more details on Go Roam.

What if I run out of data?

If you don't have any data left in your allowance, you won't be able to access the service until you buy more data or your data allowance refreshes.

Are there any limits?

No. As long as you've got some of your data left in your allowance, you can Go Binge with our partners as much as you like.

Terms and conditions apply. Go Binge is available on selected services which may require separate subscriptions. Selected new plans. Must have regular data available in plan. Additional content, such as adverts may use regular data. Some apps and services may link through to third party content on other sites, which are not zero rated (eg. whilst Snapchat’s Discover page is zero rated, 3rd party content accessible from it, is not). Includes Dave and History only via TV Player. Go Binge is available to new customers and upgrading customers on Contract Voice Advanced plans and SIM Only Advanced plans of 12GB and above, Pay Monthly Broadband customers of 15GB and above and Simply Business customers of 10GB and above.

Go Binge is an optional service and customers on eligible plans can elect to opt out at any time through my3 or by calling us on 333. As a mobile network we do not guarantee any particular speeds or quality, as these are dependent on multiple factors such as location, equipment, network demand and position in buildings. Service speed may be managed to ensure a quality experience for all our customers.