Want the hottest British talent on YouTube? We've got you covered - here are the channels to add to your must-watch list now.

The hottest British talent on YouTube? We’ve got you covered – especially since we know that ‘short online video clips’ now make up 14% of what people aged 16-24 are watching, according to our consumer listening project, the Binge Files. Here are the channels to add to your must-watch list now.



Hussain’s House

Hussain Manawer shot to prominence when he won a competition to go to space in 2018, which will make him the first British Muslim to do so. His channel showcases Hussain’s poetry, interviews and much more!


The Slo Mo Guys

Armed with a £115,000 high-speed camera, Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy have created hundreds of videos that showcase super-slow effects the human eye can’t catch. Mostly things breaking or exploding.


Chicken Connoisseur


Elijah Quashie, also known as the The Chicken Connoisseur, began reviewing London’s chicken takeaways last year. Thanks to his humour and obvious love for chicken, his channel went viral, even taking him to New York.


Charlie McDonnell

Possibly the first UK YouTube celeb, Charlie started making videos back in 2007. And the deluge of YouTube bloggers bidding the same since then shouldn’t put you off. His channel is funny, smart and entertaining.




LDShadowLady (otherwise known as Lizzie D) is a gamer who brings her own unique and refreshing take to the titles she plays on her YouTube channel. The focus is Minecraft, but you’ll also find other games being featured.




The channel of web-based comedian Hazel Hayes, ChewingSand features a selection of comedy sketches,  short films and Hazel’s latest project, which is a sitcom that she is hoping to get commissioned for a full series.



24-year-old Olajide “KSI” Olatunji is a YouTube sensation, and epitomises the creative freedom the platform provides. KSI is a gamer, rapper, comedian and actor, and you can find him showcasing ass of these talents via his channel.



If you fancy having your funny bone tickled, head over to TomSka, the YouTube channel of Thomas “TomSka” Ridgewell, a comedy writer, producer, director and actor. TomSka is probably best-known for his animated comedy series, asdfmovie.




ThatcherJoe, also known as Joe Sugg, has a simple premise for his hugely popular YouTube channel: he makes a fool out of himself for the entertainment of his subscribers. And more than 8m people watch Joe’s antics on a regular basis.



The channel for football fans, by football fans. Copa90 covers the world soccer scene, with a focus on what happens away from the stadium. Founded by Tom Thirlwall, the channel covers areas such as hooliganism, club rivalry, transfers and more.


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Main pic: Pexels via Freestocks.org