Whether you’re a gaming geek, a photo fiend or a social butterfly, iPhone has everything you’re looking for. Here's our top 5 reasons for our iPhone crush.

Were you lucky enough to unwrap that shiny new iPhone on Christmas Day? The brand spanking new iPhone Xs, iPhone X, or even iPhone 8 or iPhone 7? If so, we bet you didn’t waste any time uncovering all the nifty features it comes packed with.

Whether you’re a gaming geek, an app-a-holic, a photo fiend or a social butterfly, iPhone has everything you’re looking for. It’s just another reason why phones are good. We’re a little bit in love with ours (in case you hadn’t guessed) so here are the top 5 reasons for our iPhone crush:


1. It’s ultra-fast.

When it comes to speed, iPhone leaves many devices for dust. The iPhone Xs and Xs Max both have an Apple-designed A12 Bionic chip which – without getting too geeky – makes gaming and the latest augmented reality apps smooth and slick.


2. Totally user-friendly.

Everyone has their favourite brands and if you love your smartphone, no doubt it runs with your favourite operating system. But whether you’re an Android lover or a Windows fan, you can’t deny that the user experience of an Apple device is near to perfection. Let’s face it, they’ve barely needed to change a thing since the first iPhone launch in 2007. It’s straightforward and super-easy to work your way through the functions – and once you’ve tried Apple, not many people look back.


3. It has the latest, greatest apps.

Because iPhone is so popular, most app developers are keen to get their newest creations launched on iOS. Instagram was available on iPhone for 2 years before coming to Android, so you’re onto a good thing if you’re always looking for the next big thing in the app world.


4. You get Apple Pay.

No matter which smartphone you have in your pocket, there are ways you can use it to pay for stuff. But Apple Pay is the most popular and widely supported method for making mobile payments and it’s currently available in more than 20 countries. It’s also super-easy to use – just put your phone up against the payment device at the checkout and then press your finger on the Touch ID sensor. Or, use your Face ID on your iPhone Xs or iPhone X.


5. Unrivalled camera.

Many of today’s smartphones have cameras that are brilliant enough to replace your standalone snapper. But the vibrancy and high performance in low-light is the real beauty of an iPhone camera. Having said this, not everyone is happy. The ‘true depth camera’ on iPhone X gives you unforgiving selfies. With portrait lighting on the front-facing camera you get scarily high-quality, crisp images that are a bit too true to life for some. Cue those filters.


If you didn’t get that super-sleek smartphone for Christmas, then why not treat yo’ self to a shiny new iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max instead?

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