The Samsung S8 is here – well, almost – and it's shinier, glossier, more powerful and more divine than anyone could have imagined. And everyone’s talking about the new S8 camera features, because they’re outta-this-world good. Like, add your own filters to every photo you take good. Here are five reasons we can’t get enough it.

Oh, beautiful Samsung Galaxy S8. You’re just a phone, but our feelings for you are powerful. You’re just so gorgeous with that huge, bezel-less screen. And so helpful too – yeah, Bixby, we’re looking at you. And then there’s all of that storage (64GB plus an extra 256 GB!). And wireless charging. And that unbreakable, Fort Knox security (fingerprint scanner plus iris scanner!) And those AKG tuned headphones headphones for the crispest sound ever.

But, really, we’re obsessing over your camera, S8. Because it does everything we want it to – and more. The S8 has a dual-pixel 12MP camera with F/1.7 aperture, with an 8MP front-facing camera (which also has F/1.7 aperture). Plus, from the lock screen, you can quick launch the camera with a double-click of the lock button. Simple.

With Bixby’s innovative visual recognition feature on the S8, you can take photos of landmarks – and find out exactly what they are, thanks to your new phone PA. You can even translate foreign menus using Bixby Vision and the camera – so you don’t accidentally order cuisses des grenouilles… unless you meant to.
Here are five reasons we can’t get enough of the new S8 camera.

Samsung-S8-Camera-picThree UK

Smart Auto Focus


Samsung is one brand that really listens to customer feedback. So when people said that selfies were their livelihood, Samsung took note. They upped the front-facing camera from 5MP to 8MP and added a super-useful facial recognition Smart Auto Focus feature, ensuring that the camera gets the best snap every time. That group selfie shot you’ve been desperate to master? Finally you’ll be able to get one where everyone looks good – and no one’s blurry.

And, when you’re snapping a group, the camera’s Selective Focus feature will come in handy: you can focus on someone in front, at the rear or have the focus on both of them. And this was one of the twitter rumours that was absolutely right.


Night owls


The S8’s rear camera is wider and thinner than before. With more transparency, it allows more light to come through for superb detail, vibrant colours, and ultra-fast focus, so you get the crispest, clearest shot. Even when it’s dark.

Pro Mode takes your night-time shots one step further, allowing you to adjust ISO, manual focus, white balance, colour tone, exposure and shutter speed.



Active shots


The dual-pixel sensor and wide aperture on the S8 aren’t just for snapping your beautiful-looking chocolate dessert or getting that perfect stationary family portrait shot. No, this camera works for action shots, too: whether you’re jumping, running, dancing or just too fidgety to sit still for a minute. The camera gets the perfect picture every time thanks to enhanced image processing: it takes loads of shots and combines them into the best-quality photo.

But yes, gourmands, just to reassure you, your beloved Food Mode still exists for the most mouth-watering snaps, every time (Warning: do not use this phone camera when hungry).



No Protrusions


Everyone’s talking about the Samsung Galaxy S8 design because it’s so revolutionary: no bezels, giant screen, everything flat. Yep, even the camera is flush with the back, making for a gorgeously smooth phone from every angle. And it’s so comfortable to use.


Customisable fun


The new camera on the Samsung Galaxy S8 embraces the playful things we like to do with our phones and comes ready-made with a selection of cute Snapchat-esque filters and masks (sheep and bunny ears, flower crowns and more). There are also Instagram-ready filters you can add to every photo and catch-phrases and messages you can stick on to your snaps (“Cheers!” “Happy Halloween!”). This is by far our favourite new addition to the S8 camera, and lets people who aren’t on Snapchat get in on the fun of augmented reality.

Main pic: Courtesy of Darren Coleshill