If you're going to shell out the big bucks for a big screen, you better use it right. Here's how.

Remember when phone makers boasted how small their handsets were? Well, that was definitely before the touchscreen came along.

Now we’re at the end of 2017 and looking at some seriously impressive screen sizes. Display devotees can plump for iPhone X’s 5.7 inches, 6 inches for the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Galaxy Note 8 and S8’s respective 6.3 and 6.2 inches.

Add the supercharged processing and graphics power of this latest generation of megaphones, and you’re looking at a visual revolution.

So, you’ve invested in a BIG screen – or perhaps you’re thinking about taking the plunge? Here are 7 apps that will help you squeeze every last pixel from your dazzling display.

Take your library with you with Kindle

If your idea of a perfect holiday is a pool lounger and a pile of paperbacks, Kindle is about to save you some checked baggage fees. Fans of the classics can find titles such as Little Women and Pride and Prejudice for free – and with a Kindle Unlimited subscription of £7.99 per month, you can read as many of the qualifying 1 million thrillers, romances and comedies as you like.

And if you’re rocking Go Roam in one of over 70 destinations, you’ll be able to download more titles using your normal data allowance without any roaming charges – just as if you were at home.

Download Kindle for iPhone and Android (both from free)

Read unlimited magazines with Readly

If your reading tastes run to weekly updates on TOWIE and MiC, Readly offers great value for mag hags. For just £7.99 a month you can read magazines from all over the world on your phone, from sophisticated fashion glossies such as Elle and Porter to men’s lifestyle bibles Esquire, Men’s Health and GQ – plus all the weekly gossip sheets.

Download Readly for iPhone and Android (both have a free 14-day trial)

Puzzle your mates with Draw Something

It kind of swept into (and then out of) our lives about 5-6 years ago, but it was so much fun we reckon Draw Something is worth another go on our newly-embiggened screens. Hook up with your friends and bring back this bonkers drawn version of Charades – and remember how naughty it feels when you introduce ‘rude’ elements into your drawings.

Download Draw Something Classic for iPhone and Android (both free with in-app purchases)

Watch movies on the go with Netflix

We’ve mentioned this before but it’s definitely worth repeating: with Go Binge, Netflix and your phone are perfect partners. You can now watch TV and movies on your daily commute, in waiting rooms and anywhere you like, essentially – there’ll be no impact on your data allowance whatsoever. You can even turn your Android screen into a VR experience with Netflix VR when paired with Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear.

Download Netflix for iPhone and Android (both have a free 30-day trial)

Tune in live on your phone with TVPlayer

If you like to keep up with live TV when you’re out and about, then TVPlayer is well worth a look because it also falls under the Go Binge umbrella – meaning you can watch as much as you like without eating into your data. Watch all the TV you’d get at home on Freeview for free, or pay £5.99 a month to get your hands on 34 more premium channels.

Download TVPlayer for iPhone and Android (both free 30 day trial)

Pixillate yourself with Dotpict or 8bit Painter

See those cool SNES-era cartoons of the kids from Stranger Things? With Dotpict (Android) or 8bit Painter (iPhone) and a generously sized screen, you can get creating your own pixellated masterpieces. Your next profile picture? Sorted. Your mate’s birthday? Personalised joy.

Download Dotpict for Android (free)
Download 8bit Painter for iPhone (free)

Open your eyes with Google Arts and Culture

Now your phone packs almost as many pixels as your telly, why not put it through its paces with the Google Arts and Culture app? It’s rammed with a seemingly infinite amount of content from galleries and museums all over the world, but we think the most interesting way of using it is through the Zoom In feature, which allows you to browse incredibly high-res photos of classic works of art (think Van Gogh or Holbein) down to their literal brushstrokes. It’s mind-blowing on a really good phone screen.

Download Google Arts and Culture for iPhone and Android (both free)