September is a time of new beginnings, changing leaves, getting ready for the new academic year or thinking about that life-changing trip you're going to plan. And then it's also the time you're thinking about cleaning your home, organising your finances, you know, all that good stuff. Thankfully, you don't have to become a miraculously functional person just because summer's over: instead, just download these apps and you'll be all sorted.

Summer is slowly slipping away and that lazy, sleepy feeling we’ve had for the past couple of months is giving way to a sensation we’re not all that familiar with: wanting to feel organised, competent and functional.

Now don’t panic: September feels like a new beginning because it is. It’s the start of the academic year and a time when we’re planning our schedules and thinking about all of our grand goals for the months ahead.

As if you need further proof of this, the French, who have nailed food, fashion and pretty much everything in between, embrace the going back to school, back to work mood of September like it’s a new start. Known as la rentrée, September is that time of year when everyone wakes up after a sleepy August spent on holiday. Restaurants and shops reopen, politicians get plotting, new books fill the bookshops and people start planning resolutions of sorts for the year to come.

Now, we might not have the ability to tie a neck scarf like the French, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t seize the opportunity presented.

Now is the time to sort out your life. To get the paperwork in order. To tidy the house. To prepare your room for the oncoming blanket/cake/binge-watching hibernation (Go Binge can help with that, too). To do the laundry! Oh, the excitement of all this admin is almost too much.

Fortunately, there are some brilliant apps that brilliant minds have made that actually do most of this work for you. Really. They help you sort your life out. Here are 7 of the most tantalising and terrific…


Apps to sort your life outVia Three



Todoist, App Store, Google Play, free (or go Premium from £21.99 a year)

To get your To Do list started, get Todoist. This app has been described by some as the ultimate lifesaver when it comes to keeping track of all the admin, paperwork and events that life throws at you. It even has colours so you can colour-code your lists according to priorities. Or just procrastinate on getting actual stuff done for longer. Both totally valid options FYI.

Vent, App Store, Google Play, free (from £1.09 for in-app themed emotion purchases)

Have rage? Discovered an entire shoebox of receipts you still have to capture? Heard that Frank got that promotion instead of you? Frustrated by the fact that the sun will soon disappear for most of the day leaving you in sad darkness?

Get Vent. You can express your rage on the iOS and Android platforms with gleeful abandon. Nobody will judge and you can let it all out. You may even make like-minded, rage-fuelled f(r)iends.

Mealime, App Store, Google Play, free

Can’t be bothered to hike out in the cold rain to get the ingredients you need to make dinner? Mealime will help you out. It offers you a bunch of easy recipes that don’t take long to make and allow you to use the things you already have hanging about in your kitchen.  It’s also free, which is nice. And you can use it to plan your shopping so you don’t run out of essentials in the middle of a downpour.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, App Store, Google Play, free

Sleeping right and tight is so important for awesome mental and physical health. So how do you know exactly when to wake up without interrupting that delectable dream with your favourite back-from-the-dead character from Game of Thrones? This app will do it for you. Seriously, it’s so loved that the Guardian review said: “The result is so gentle and lovely it feels like being woken up by a mermaid stroking your hair or a unicorn nuzzling your toes.”

Mmmm, unicorns.

Laundrapp, App Store, Google Play, free

Hey, why don’t we all do our laundry together! It’s so much fun. Oooh, I’ll separate the whites.

Or we could realistically just use Laundrapp which takes the pain away. Just hand the dirty bits to the nice people, and collect the clean bits at the end. Dry cleaning starts at £2 an item, or give in your laundry for £2.50 a kilo. Could life really get any better? Really?

IFTTT, App Store, Google Play, free

If This, Then That (IFTTT) is an app that connects all your apps into one space. You can put Google, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Fitbit and so much more into one spot. Then, when something kicks up that takes your fancy, you get notified about it and you get to engage with your mates or your fitness goals or your To Do list.

Now you just need to say the name three times after a beer. IFFTTT. Oh, look, a unicorn.

Spendee, App Store, Google Play, free (in-app purchases start at £.62p per item)

This splendiferous app helps you budget your life. It comes with graphs and charts and multiple currencies (for when you use Go Roam to visit somewhere delicious this autumn) and even syncs across all your devices. You can also use it to track your expenses so you can afford to buy more cake. Or you can use your savings to nab a new phone since you’re going to need more storage for all these apps anyway…