We know you want to become a Three customer - so many reasons. Wuntu! Go Roam! Go Binge! And that's just a few. Now here's how to make the switch...

If you’ve emerged from the dark side and have finally seen the light – aka you’re ready to become a Three customer – we’re here to help.

We’ll listen to your roaming charge horror stories (you may know we offer no roaming fees in over 70 destinations around the world, including the USA, Australia, Brazil, Singapore and many, many more on many of our plans).

We’ll be a sympathetic ear when you tell us how your Stranger Things obsession led to a total data drain, something you’ll never need to worry about with Go Binge, which lets you use Snapchat, as well as stream infinite movies, TV shows and music through Netflix, TVPlayer, Deezer and Apple Music, all without using a single byte of your data.

And we’ll happily give you free stuff, too. Tickets to exciting jet-set destinations, free pizza, cinema tix and designer headphones, as well as discounts on everything from the coolest new food delivery kit to mega-savings at your favourite retailers. All through our awesome rewards app, Wuntu – available to all Three customers.

And of course, we’ll give you even more good news. Like telling you we’ve got the lowest Pay As You Go Rates in the country and showing you how we’ve consistently got some of the best deals out there on must-have handsets, like the latest iPhone and Samsung S8. We’ve even got exclusive deals on some of the most coveted handsets around, like the latest Honor and Huawei devices.

Plus, if you’re in an area with 4G capabilities, you’ll get 4G at no extra cost.

Oh, and did we mention we were just voted Best Network for Data at the uSwitch mobile awards in 2017? With our 3G network covering more than 98% of the population (type in your postcode to see your coverage status with our coverage checker), you can benefit from Three pretty much wherever you are in the UK.

When you join Three, expect free next-day delivery if you’ve ordered any device, and if you’ve been referred to Three by a friend, you’ll each get a £25 Amazon gift card – our way of saying thanks.

Anyway, there are bajillions of reasons you’ll want to become part of the Three family. Here are some easy ways to make it happen.


Get your free Three SIM

Anyone can see what it’s like to be a Three customer by requesting a free SIM card, which you’ll get within 24 hours. Use it the next time you go abroad to enjoy posting all your fave Insta pics with no roaming fee consequences, or to try our unbeatable PAYG rates (3p a minute, 2p a text, 1p per MB of data used) – they’re the lowest rates in the UK.


Make sure your phone is unlocked

Looking to switch your network provider to us? Wonderful. Just check your phone isn’t locked to your current network. P.S. Any phone you buy from us is unlocked, so you can do what you want with it. Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking your phone so you can bring it over to Three.


You won’t need to change your phone number

Maybe you’re staying with your current network for no other reason than you can’t be bothered with the hassle of changing – and you’re worried about losing the phone number everyone from great aunt Mildred to your ex-boyfriend still has (y’know, in case he calls after 18 months).

No problemo: just keep your old number after moving to Three. Get a PAC code from your old network provider (call them up and tell them you’re moving on to pastures new), and fill in this number port form. Your number should be moved the next working day, provided you submit the form on a weekday before 5pm.


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Find out how Three services can facilitate EVERYTHING

We’ve already written an extremely helpful article on all the Three services to make your life instantly better, but here’s a quick overview: our Welcome page will help you with whatever you need to know, from moving your contacts to viewing your data allowances.
If you need more detailed step-by-step setup guides or device-specific help, then check out our comprehensive Support pages online.

The Three app lets you stay on top of your My3 account anytime, anywhere, managing your charges, changing any contact info and checking your allowance. And Three inTouch gives you free Wi-Fi calling whenever you need to – no matter what the situation is with your signal.

And, of course, our Three Hub is your go-to site for articles covering all things tech and mobile, from the ultra practical (like what to do when your glorious phone screen cracks) to the super-fun (and also essential, in our minds), like how to use your phone to make your dog’s life even better or things you only know if you’re addicted to memes. You’ll also find the latest Wuntu deals, cool competitions and all our most exciting offers.


And that’s not all; from 1st December 2018, we’ll be spreading some Three-style festive cheer with our daily Christmas countdown. It’s gonna be stuffed full with more Christmas apps, festive hacks, tips and treats than you can shake your baubles at. We’ve even managed to squeeze in some special surprises too. So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out!



Welcome aboard!