Aside from the launches of the Huawei P10, the LG G6, the Nokia 3310, the Samsung Tab S3 and the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, there were a host of other cool things at MWC. Click the tl;dr button to see some of the sexiest snaps from the last week...

Guys, we’re back from MWC, and boy was it a rollercoaster ride. We saw some pretty insane new tech, some of it revolutionary, some of it rofl-inducing. We were front row for some serious phone announcements and papping away behind the scenes to bring you informative and entertaining updates from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In case you forgot to follow us, here’s a handy round-up of all the major events over the last five days. Enjoy…



It’s no surprise that some of the biggest news of MWC came from Huawei with the launch announcement of the P10 and P10 Plus. This beautiful new smartphone comes with impressive new camera tech, allowing for crystal clear images and professional portrait quality. Its design was the real talking point though, thanks to the clean, textured finish and colour partnership with Pantone.

Read more about the Huawei P10 here.

Check out our Facebook Live video to see us playing around with the device IRL.

Each Huawei P10 colour comes with its own custom themeThree UK

Each Huawei P10 colour comes with its own custom theme

Huawei P10 gold screenThree UK

We’ll be stocking this sexy gold number soon.

Huawei P10 black screenThree UK

…and here’s the black version!

Huawei P10 Dazzling Blue PantoneThree UK

Here we see the Dazzling Blue colour – created in collaboration with Pantone. (They also have Greenery as an option, which is Pantone’s colour of the year!)

Huawei clutch bagsThree UK

Oh yeah, and you can get these snazzy special clutch bags to go with your phone. Tres chic.


The LG G6 was also announced and it’s perfect for any phone users who appreciate simplicity and sexy screens. Created with a unique 18:9 ratio for true cinematic quality, the screen is 5.7 inches of pure perfection, and the camera ain’t half bad either.

For more info on the LG G6 specs, read our MWC review.

Check out our Facebook Live video to see us playing around with the device IRL.

LG G6 launch MWCThree UK

Whaaat is even happening here. Mind meltdown.


Sony scored a hat-trick with three major new products: their (literally) shiny new flagship Xperia XZ Premium phone, tablet-projector hybrid Xperia Touch and integrated wearable Xperia Ear. Focusing on bridging the gaps between body and technology, each product brings something new and unique to the table.

Check out our Facebook Live video to see us playing around with the device IRL.

Sony press conferenceThree UK

Sony press conference hype

Sony Xperia EarThree UK

This is the Sony Xperia Ear in an ‘open style concept’ – basically it goes kind of outside your ear instead of inside to help you hear what’s going on in the world around you.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium MWCThree UK

Look how nice his hands are, no? Even the Sony staff were well designed.


Sony Xperia TouchThree UK

Having a lil play with the Sony Xperia Touch


The 3310 is back, baby, although slightly different to before. Instead of the clunky rectangular design, Nokia unveiled a new, rounded, cartoonish bubble phone. Shhhhh calm down, yes it comes with Snake, but don’t get too excited, as we discovered it’s a new version of the game with weird new features that we instantly distrusted  :/

Good news is that at least you can browse the web using 2.5G and the Opera mini browser. Lol.

Nokia 3310 wallThree UK

Hahahaha we still can’t believe its back

Nokia 3310 SnakeThree UK

Pfft. Not as good as the original.


It’s been a pretty wild year for Samsung, and they didn’t shy away from this at their press conference, during which they candidly addressed safety and security issues across their products. They then dropped the mic by revealing the new Samsung Tab S3 – a beautiful new tablet that seamlessly blends work and play (and can be accompanied by a siiiiick Staedtler s-pen, should you so wish). We also found out some interesting info on when their new Galaxy phone might be announced


Galaxy Tab S3Three UK

Look. How. Pretty. This. Is.

Staedtler Pen for Samsung Tab S3Three UK

Maths GCSE anyone? Oh no wait that’s just my srsly awesome s-pen just looking all casual and educational.

VR, robots and more

There was so much futuristic tech at MWC it seemed that wherever you turned all you could see was headsets, mechanical arms, drones or supercars. Obvs Samsung put on one of the most impressive displays, but we saw virtual reality experiences covering everything from simulated rollercoasters, to falling off a building (why would you willingly do this?), to swimming in the ocean, to exploring Catalonia.

Pepper the robot at MWCThree UK

Bouta drop the most fire album of 2017

Coffee robot at MWCThree UK

Honestly would you take coffee from this creep. Nightmarish.

Giga VR at MWCThree UK

Someone having a cheeky chill out with Giga VR

Robot at MWCThree UK

One small step for MWC tourist, one giant leap for friendly robot, desperate to feel love.

Ubuntu robot at MWCThree UK

So many layers of robot meta

Visa wearable wireless payment Three UK

Super cool wearable rings designed for Olympians that enable wireless payments.

Samsung Gear VR MWCThree UK

“Hey, wanna ‘hang’ out after MWC?”

GoPro camera on range rover MWCThree UK

Child-sized range rover + GoPro

Explore Catalonia VR experience at MWCThree UK

u ok m8

Ford floorbotThree UK

Nobody knew what this was meant to do, but it was some kind of hover-board from Ford.

Behind the scenes…

Of course, at the end of the day, our Three team were rushing around dozens of universe-sized rooms finding all the coolest content and weirdest news to share with you. Here’s a sneak peak into what went on behind the scenes:


Behind the scenes Neelam & TomiThree UK

Neelam and Tomi AKA GadgetsBoy do their Facebook Live video

Capturing the Huawei P10Three UK

Capturing the Huawei in the sunshine to get that signature sparkle…

Roving reporter at MWCThree UK

Trying to find some power so we can get online and post some #lols

This is a photo opportunity - android robotThree UK

The ultimate Android photo op

Neelam does a FB liveThree UK

Another day, another Facebook Live vid!

The Scale of MWCThree UK

I think this is what you’d call a legit ‘swarm’

MWC heroThree UK

Why not, eh?

Tiny worldThree UK

Just some of the randomness you’ll see every 5 seconds