So you've got a spiffy new Android phone. Well done. Now you just need the accessories that'll take it to a whole new place... And yes, that includes a trip - or 12 - to a virtual reality. Sign us up, please.

These days, having a smartphone with all the bells and whistles just isn’t enough. Sure, your iPhone can talk to you and you can take your Samsung S8 snorkelling, but like a student at an Unlimited buffet, we’re always wanting more. Enter our Android accessories.

Whether it’s the latest case to complement your new nail colour, noise-cancelling headphones so you can play ‘Despacito’ on repeat undisturbed, or an app to track your every bodily movement in a day, if there’s more to be had, then we want it.

That’s why, despite the newest Android phones like the LG G6, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Huawei P10 and Samsung Galaxy S8 having state-of-the-art cameras and a faster-than-ever processors, we can see these phones have got so much more to give… enter the Android accessories.




Biisafe Buddy, £29.99

Perfect for the person who is constantly losing things and never knows what time to meet their friends, this little button will solve all your problems. The built-in location tracker just needs to be attached to the thing you lose the most and next time you feel the heart-dropping panic of not having your wallet, just check the app and it will give you its exact location.

It also allows you to create a Biisafe community so you can communicate with other friends that have the button. If you can’t remember which spot they told you to meet in, the answer is just a click away. It also has a built-in step tracker and is available in a jewellery version if you prefer your tech to be as high-fashion as the rest of your look.



Zeiss VR One Plus Universal Virtual Reality Headset, £110

If you’re going to really use a handset like the Samsung S8 to its full potential, then that means investing in a VR headset. If you’re serious about VR you’re going to want to try this lightweight and portable design from Zeiss, known for its otherworldly viewing experience and easy compatibility with a range of handsets.


Olixar Water Dancing Speakers, £16.99

Everyone knows speakers can win you favour at an impromptu party, but these Olixar speakers are much more than an afterthought. They pump water to the beat of your music which, combined with the four coloured light beams, will give your party, or just your room, enough ambience to convince people you’re cool. They’re also compact enough to take on the move, and you don’t have to compromise on sound quality. Win-win.



Upright Pose posture trainer, £100

This is the tech equivalent of sitting at the dinner table and your mum telling you to sit upright, except this is fun to use (not annoying). Just stick this little gadget to your back, connect it with the app and you can start getting feedback on your posture immediately, Android accessories that think outside the box anyone? Maybe not one for everyone, but for those of you who have felt the pain of slouching at a desk for eight hours a day, you’re welcome.