You've gone and gotten yourself a snazzy new LG G6. Well done you. Only now you're wishing you'd shelled out on some cool accessories for it, too. No worries - we're here to help you with that. We've rounded up some of the best LG accessories out there.

Life’s good but it could be better. Our sexy new LG G6 needs some accoutrements (LG accessories, for the non-Francophiles amongst you). It’s getting a little lonely on its own. Although happily, we have discovered that you can throw an impromptu party using just your LG G6 phone.

With a wide-angle camera lens so you can squeeze everyone into a selfie (now you know if you’re not in a group photo it’s because they actually don’t like you) and HD screen, the LG G6 is ALMOST perfect, but we think it needs some mates.

Introducing the LG accessories you need to make that fabulous phone even better.


Macally MCUP2XL

So, you’re driving along to Disneyland alone because no one wants to go with you but you also feel little-to-no shame about it (true story). But you need Google Maps to tell you how to get there. And you need to prop your LG device into a satnav holder to help you get there safely.

The adjustable Macally MCUP uses your phone cup holder to hoist up your phone and hold it in place. Since the base swivels to either side and fits into most cup holders, when you do convince someone to come along with you (all it takes is two words: Splash Mountain), they can ride shotgun and help you find your way, no sweat. Directions have never been so easy.


MEMTEQ 5 in 1 camera phone lens

So you’ve got a wide angle lens on your G6 already, great. No, you amateur. You need ALL THE LENSES.

Enter MEMTEQ, a universal lens kit for your LG (although other phone users are in luck, since your iPhone 7 or Samsung S8 can also benefit).

Featuring fisheye, barlow, polarizing, macro and wide angle lenses in one kit, they look fantastic, take incredible (like really incredible photos) and won’t break the bank. They’re perfect for getting that shot you desperately need, especially on holiday. Stop going through life taking the same old photos: Go Roam and take brilliant new ones.



Moshi Touch-Screen Digits Gloves

Winter is coming (it’s always coming, isn’t it?). What do you do in the freezing cold when you’ve got gloves on but need to reply to that friend who has just texted you, “New phone, who dis?” Do you take off your gloves for that ‘friend’ who doesn’t even save your number? Hahaha, that’s us laughing at you.

The Digits touch-screen gloves let you fully operate your phone thanks to a special conductive fibre in each finger, so you can easily swipe, snap and search on your smartphone or tablet with removing the gloves. A slip-free grip and microfleece lining ensures maximum comfort, too.


Ghostek Atomic 3 phone case

The LG G6 is a great piece of kit, so it would be a real shame if you didn’t protect it properly with a hardwearing phone case. The Atomic 3 is the great LG case you’ve been clamouring for: it’s waterproof, has full phone coverage, is scratch-resistant and contains impact-absorbing technology.

This is the phone case from the future, the one you can take across the globe and feel relaxed knowing you have top-quality protection.



LG accessoriesVia Slickw

Slickwraps LG G6 skins

Don’t think that just because you don’t have an iPhone you’re destined to a lifetime of boring phone cases. With Slickwraps, you can get your favourite superhero, villain, animal or artwork on your LG G6 phone case, LG accessories just make you look that much cooler. You can even get one that glows. Sweet.