We love a good binge-watch sesh. Here's how to look after yourself while you do it.

As the temps drop and we head out of the cold, it seems as if Netflix with Go Binge is the perfect pairing for winter, especially when you chuck in a substantial mega-screen such as the new Razer 2, Huawei Mate 10 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S8.

We’re bedding in, snuggling down and in some cases even coupling up (yes, binge-cuffing is real, especially now you can take your Netflix to other people’s houses). We’re waiting out the chill winds with some cracking comedy, action or drama, with no dent in our data allowance.

Now, with this delicious self-indulgence comes a cautionary note: as experts in the game ourselves, we can’t deny it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. But we also know the 3 fundamental rules that let us get our Netflix kicks without losing the plot – literally and figuratively.

Correct yo’ neck

If you were just hanging out in your living room, a bunch of cushions and one under your lumbar (that’s the lil’ scoop in your back that needs special support) would pretty much set you up for a sesh. Now streaming is taking binge-watching mobile, keeping comfy is just a tad more complicated.

If you’re wallowing in some prime multi-episode dramz, holding that handset in your lap can have a knock-on effect; research has found that looking down at a phone for long periods of time places a lot of stress on our necks and backs.

Binge-watch boost: raise the phone to your eyeline instead of the other way around – or get a phone case with a wallet-style flap that props it up. All the better to appreciate the fast-paced action of Netflix’s Marvel franchises. Don’t ever get a Neckset, though. Just don’t.


Beware the Snack Spiral

Who doesn’t love going super-sized with a giant bag of crisps and a barrel of fizzy pop for a binge-watch sesh? But once the eps start flowing and your imagination is engaged, you’re in danger of getting sucked into the icky vortex that is the Snack Spiral.

A touch too much salt, and your hands start reaching for another can of fizz; the sweetness of the soft drink makes you crave more salt… This might well be a pleasant way to enjoy a feature film like some sort of Muggle, but you’re a binge-watch boss. You can’t nail that vital fourth ep with your pulse thudding from sugar and head shrivelled from salt-induced dehydration.

Binge-watch boost: keep the water flowing. Your brain needs to be at a stage of peak hydration, especially if you’re going to keep up with the insanely playful temporal shifts of Lady Dynamite or process the subtle yet spine-chilling revelations of Mind Hunter. At no stage is anyone going to stop you eating the junk food; we’re not your mum.

Keep your eyes on the prize

You might be watching on the high-spec smartphone of your dreams, but the most precious binge-watching equipment you own isn’t in your hand – there’s 2 of them and they’re IN YOUR FACE LOL DID YOU GET IT.

When we watch something utterly mesmerising, we blink and move our eyes less. This means eyes can dry out – irritating tear ducts, which makes it worse again – and we can strain the muscles that hold them in place.

Binge-watch boost: just like when you use a computer monitor all day at work, keeping your eyes happy and healthy during a binge-watch means resting them from time to time. Get into the habit of blinking while moving your eyes up, down, left and right in-between episodes – and focus on something further away than your phone to keep your retinas flexin’. You can take in even more of the (literal) majesty of The Crown with daisy-fresh, pristine peepers.

Got that? You’re now good to binge-watch to your heart’s content. Please note: we can’t help with any injuries caused by jumping out of your seat during season finales – you’re on your own on that one.