It's easier than you think to take your bingeing habit and use it to improve your job... Just think of all of those inspirational speeches, motivating characters, charismatic leaders and creative problem solving seen in all your favourite films and TV shows. Time to put them to good use.

Alright, we feel a little guilty. Here we are, encouraging people to binge to their heart’s content, thanks to our new Go Binge offer. (You know, the one where you can stream all your favourite shows and songs infinitely, and use Snapchat, without using up your data) But then we started to think – what about all those people who have let bingeing take over their lives?

Luckily, it turns out only 5% of people have skived off work after a particularly intense binge-watching sesh. That’s not too bad. But even so, we want you to binge responsibly, so here are some tips on how to improve your professional life, and maybe even get promoted, just from bingeing your favourite shows.

Command the meeting room

Is there anything more grim than the 6 minutes before a meeting actually begins, where you cycle between limp weekend summaries, and tame self-deprecating jokes about the level of conference call tech in the room? Anyone in that situation is inwardly screaming for a social saviour. Luckily, TV, films, music – they all have the ability to unify a room in entertaining banter. 19% of 25-34 year olds liven up work meetings by talking about their favourite shows, so you won’t be alone.

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Find out what’s trending at the moment, or what your colleagues, clients, associates and employees have a penchant for, and have a cheeky binge the night before. Then drop some classic Narcos tidbits into conversations and you’ll be the centre of attention in no time. Get ready for a memorable meeting that’ll make your superiors sit up and pay attention.

Boss bonding time

It’s a wee bit awkward when you find yourself face-to-face with your boss, but without any work stuff to discuss. Like on the train towards a work event, or in those somewhat tense moments when you’re both packing up at the end of the day and everything is quiet. They don’t always want you to talk shop, you know. But equally, it doesn’t exactly feel comfortable filling them in on the highs and lows of your love life.

That’s why your watching habits provide the perfect answer. Not just the juicy details of the shows themselves, either. But also the anticipation for upcoming seasons (Stranger Things! Britain’s Next Top Model!) Your boss is (and this may come as a surprise) also a human being. And they will do stuff in the evenings as well. Like jammin’ in front of Netflix. Or catching up on guilty-pleasure TV on their commute. A couple of well-placed queries will give you something to work with. Get bonding!

Professional Inspo

Just because something is entertaining, it doesn’t mean that it’s not useful. Netflix is filled to the brim with workplace inspiration. It doesn’t matter what your profession, there’ll be something – whether it’s a documentary or a drama – that brings the challenges of your career to life.

So line up the Mad Men if you’ve got a brainstorm coming up. Tune into The Thick of It when you’re facing some serious office politics. Or sink into Silk if you need a push to improve your creative problem solving.

Hugely improved charisma skills

What brilliant show or film doesn’t have a moment where someone makes an inspirational speech? Or convinces another character to come round to their point of view? These TV tropes are what give it that magic entertainment factor – separating those spine-tingling scenes from the ennui of our everyday. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can learn more than you think from your fave shows.

Just listen a bit more carefully to the carefully crafted speeches in House of Cards, or the impassioned social commentary in Orange is the New Black. It’s amazing what you can pick up in terms of how to structure an argument, or how to mediate a difficult situation. Remember, there are some award-winning writers behind the genius of your favourite films and shows. Just think what you can learn from them.

You’ll learn more than you think

Speaking of which – it turns out that you can learn a helluva lot from watching TV, despite what your parents used to say. Netflix is brimming with riveting documentaries and historical dramas that shed light on a whole host of global issues. So next time you find yourself unable to sleep before work, don’t just waste away the hours playing solitaire on your phone. Instead, binge on the award-winning 13th and find out about racial injustice in the USA. Or watch Okja and challenge your notion of our relationship with animals. Or tune into What Happened, Miss Simone? and discover the life of jazz legend Nina Simone. It might not directly impact your work, but you’ll become a more interesting, worldly, wise person and that can only spell good things for your future…