We love binge-watching our shows, all the time. So much so, in fact, that we feel pretty stressed about having to stop binge-watching to do boring things like going to work or socialising with our friends. Fret not: turns out we all binge on the go, using our mobiles and tablets. And we've got the perfect hack to help you do it in style. Well, sorta. A DIY Binge Box, which lets you watch your fave movies and TV shows on the go. For the truly addicted. And you don't need to worry about draining your data - we've launched Go Binge to allow for infinite streaming.

You fell asleep at 3am, in the middle of a particularly intense sesh of binge-watching a series you only discovered at midnight (the series is Netflix’s GLOW, if you’re wondering. And it’s totally fabulous). But now it’s Saturday morning (well OK, it’s noon), and you’ve got places to go, people to see… and you really just want to keep watching your show.

Viable options? You could cancel your brunch plans and ditch your mates (we know that 10% of you have cancelled a night out in favour of some TV company), or you could drag yourself out of the house and stream on the go (44% of you watch an hour or more of streamed content on your phones, while 51% do so on your tablets).

Which is probably what you’re going to do – because once you get into something and start streaming, you really don’t want to stop. You’re even using phrases from your fave shows in every WhatsApp group. And live-streaming shows you can’t get enough of.

How do we know all of this? Well, you may have realised we’re basically geniuses. But we’ve also gone and spoken to thousands of people all across the UK for a comprehensive research project called the Binge Files. Since 54% of you told us you worry about maxing out your data when bingeing, we came up with an idea to alleviate your worries – and ensure you can still binge to your heart’s content. It’s called Go Binge and it allows you to stream all the shows and music you want through Netflix, TVPlayer, SoundCloud and Deezer, plus use Snapchat to your heart’s content.


If you find yourself in a must-stream-TV-now panic, don’t worry: we’ve got the perfect geeky, hack-y, DIY device for you to stream on the go. For those who are completely shameless, that is. Who are willing to walk around with a cardboard box on their heads, all in the name of binge-watching television. Some might call you TV obsessives, others will surely refer to you as trailblazers. And there’s no such thing as looking ridiculous when you’re streaming 24/7… while the rest of the world is just like, walking around feeling bored and/or having an existential crisis.

Watch our vid and follow the step-by-step guide below to make your own Binge Box.


How to make your own Binge Box step-by-step

You’ll need two shoeboxes, a marker, scissors, glue, sturdy tape, paper, sticky-back Velcro and a stapler. And your trusty smartphone.


Remove lids of both shoeboxes and draw a line 1″ from the bottom of the box.

Cut off bottom section below the line and cut square out of the removed piece.

Place piece inside shoebox that was not cut and secure with glue or tape. Insert phone.

On same shoebox, make semi-circle mark.

Cut this out and cut 2 vertical lines next to the cutout.

Place headband (cut from paper) into slots.

Mark off a diagonal zigzag line with the marker on second shoebox and cut out.

Tape up edges to secure headband.

Tape 2 boxes together and trim excess tape.

Place sticky-back Velcro in 4 strips on side of box.

Staple opposing strips to shoebox lid and remove backing.

Cover with tape to cover sticky side.

Lid is interchangeable and can be worn front to back or back to front.

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