For when Marimba just ain't cutting it, here's where we explain how you can change your iPhone ringtone - and even make your own...

Remember the days when no Nokia 3210 was complete without a customised ringtone? Whether it was Mis-Teeq’s ‘Scandalous’ typed meticulously into your phone’s ringtone builder, or the theme tune to Diagnosis Murder, you were no one without your ringtone.

Fast forward 10 years, and as Justin Trudeau keeps saying, “It’s 2017!” and we’ve got pretty lax with our ringtone game, settling for iPhone’s finest tune – Marimba.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, we can be the change we want to see in the world. Let’s all change our ringtones and live happily ever after.


How to choose a new iPhone ringtone

If you’re simply after a variant on Marimba but not fussed about having a unique ringtone, the iPhone has plenty of built-in tunes to choose from. Here’s how…

1. Go to ‘Settings’

2. Click ‘Sounds’ or ‘Sounds and Haptics’

3. Click ‘Ringtone’

4. Choose a new tone from the list

5. You’re all done, enjoy your new tone


iPhone ringtoneVia Three


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How to buy ringtones in iTunes

If neither Apex nor Beacon nor Bulletin is doing it for you, fear not. You can buy ringtones for your iPhone in the iTunes Store.

1. Go to ‘Settings’

2. Click ‘Sounds’ or ‘Sounds and Haptics’

3. Click ‘Ringtone’

4. Click ‘Store’ in the top right corner

5. Click ‘Tones’

6. Choose to view the ‘Featured’ tunes or ‘Charts’

7. Preview the ringtones by clicking on their name

8. Once you find one you like, click on the price to purchase it, then click ‘Buy Tone’

9. Choose to ‘Set as Default Ringtone’, ‘Set as Default Text Tone’ or ‘Assign to a Contact’

10. Double-check your tone has been set by revisiting the ‘Ringtone’ screen and making sure it’s the ticked tone

11. You’re all done, enjoy your new ringtone


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How to make your own ringtone for iPhone


Feeling creative? Nothing in the iTunes store strike your fancy? Then why not take a tea break and make your own ringtone for iPhone…

1. Open iTunes on your computer

2. Choose the song you’d like to use

3. Work out which 30 second portion of the song you’d to be the ringtone

4. Right click on the song and click ‘Get Info’, then ‘Options’

5. You will see ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ times – set these to cover the 30 second period you’ve chosen for your ringtone and press ‘OK’

6. Select the track, then click ‘File’ and ‘Convert’, then ‘Create AAC Version’

7. Your new version will now show up in your songs list, and you’ll be able to differentiate it from the original by the duration

8. Return to the start and stop settings for the original song and untick the boxes next to ‘Start’ and ‘Stop’ to ensure it plays the full version of the song when you listen to it next

9. Right click on your new ringtone track and choose ‘Show in Windows Explorer’

10. Windows Explorer will open, with your ringtone selected

11. Right click on the song and select ‘Rename’

12. Change the file extension from .m4a to .m4r (if you can’t see the file extensions you need to enable this – Google is your friend)

13. Now you need to reimport the ringtone to iTunes in its new format, go to iTunes > File > Add to library

14. Go to the ‘Tones’ section – you may need to enable this by going to the three dots next to music, film, etc and clicking ‘Tones’

15. Sync your phone with iTunes

16. On your synced iPhone follow the steps for changing your iPhone ringtone above, you should see your new ringtone in the list, so simply choose it from here

17. Woohoo, you’re finally done. Enjoy your new ringtone 🙂


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