Free stuff? That you actually want? Introducing wuntu, Three's new rewards app that gives you the best deals, discounts and freebies on dining out, entertainment, fashion, music and more.

Anyone who said there’s no such thing as a free lunch*… clearly has no idea what Three is capable of, and hasn’t yet been acquainted with wuntu, Three’s newest offers and rewards app, which gives you lots of cool things for free.

*Including free lunches.

Launching this February, wuntu puts a whole host of fabulous freebies, deals and discounts at your fingertips, from fitness to fashion, travel to food.

The wuntu app is available to all Three customers. Like Go Roam (no extra roaming charges in over 70 countries across the globe) and being the first provider to launch 4G at no extra cost and Unlimited data, wuntu is another way for us to show our customers how much you mean to us.

wuntu from three uk

So, here’s everything you need to know:

How does it work, exactly?

It’s actually really simple. The app will feed you seven offers a week – enough for one every day. Never more, never less. Just seven offers. Swipe right to save and use offers in store or online. You can use as many as you like, or none at all – the choice is yours!

Who are the deals with?

You’ll have to download it to find out

TBH, we’ll have some regulars like Last Minute and Superdrug, but there will be different brands every week. Some of them will be big names, others will be local gems. The fun is in the surprise!

How do I get it?

The app is available on Google Play and iTunes and, of course, it’s freeeeeeee!

Do I need to spend any money to get the deal?

All you need is to be a Three customer and you’re eligible for the app. Some of the deals will be genuine freebies, others will be discounts that might require you to spend a bit of ££ to save some £, and there will be a handful of exclusive competitions, too. It all depends on the individual offer, so read each one carefully

wuntu icons


Will the deals be relevant to me?

‘Cos we’re a clever old tech-savvy company, we figured that it’d be a bit frustrating if you got gardening deals every week when you live in a penthouse flat. Or cinema deals if you’re into your classical music. So we’ll be tracking the kinds of deals you choose and making sure that every week they become more and more relevant to you.

wuntu isn’t just another generic rewards app: it’s targeted, timely and unique. And we think seven offers a week is just right to make you feel loved (without being smothered).

So, give it a download. C’mon, we know you wuntu. And want to.