You've sorted your Father's Day gift for dear old dad in advance, like, never, and this isn't looking like the year you're going to start. Luckily, we've got you covered. One, we have an awesome comp for you to win Amazon vouchers - right in time for Father's Day. We've also rounded up the totes essential dad apps every father needs on their phones. They'll thank you... but if they still don't know how to use Google search, they'll def need help with the downloading.

Picture the scene. You’ve arrived back home to your parents’ house to honour the long years of support and sacrifice that your father put in to help you become the semi-functioning adult that you are today. You’re holding the perfect Father’s Day gift. You thought about it for weeks. You have carefully arranged the present of a lifetime. 

*record scratch* Oh wait…


It’s the week of Father’s Day and you have nothing. You could race to the shops to get a generic and most likely ill-advised present or you could wing it with a coupon for hugs that will be embarrassing for both of you. We’ve got a third option for you that means you won’t have to face the hell of a mall on a Saturday and you can still be the cool kid that’s keeping your father young. 

Enter the curated smartphone makeover. With just a few taps and a few minutes, you can transform your father’s smartphone from an overpriced and under-utilised calculator into the pocket-sized entertainment hub of his dreams, which he starts to use for more than just making phone calls and sending you incomprehensible texts.

And there’s more… we’re running a competition on Twitter where we want people to send in screenshots of funny conversations they’ve had with their dad. You know, like where they try and use a hashtag and put it after the text? blessed#.

We have 10 x £20 Amazon vouchers to give away – so if all else fails, win one of these and buy your dad something he really wants, like an extendable pocket back scratcher. Just send in a screenshot to @ThreeUK of the best #dadjoke text you’ve ever gotten.




In the meantime, download this mix of practical apps and entertainment portals, so your dad will think of you every time he opens his phone. Regretfully also probably when he’s on the toilet, which is where the majority of dad browsing occurs…

BBC Sport

This might be an obvious choice but hey, you’ve got to give the man what he wants. If your dad has a sporting obsession there are endless great targeted apps but for the footy/rugby/cricket/anything-with-a-ball lover, we suggest good ol’ BBC Sport.

Download, free, from iTunes and Google Play


Stitcher Radio for Podcasts

Think of this as your modern day mix-tape that updates every week. Download Stitcher and you can curate a program of podcasts tailored to your dad’s interests. If you don’t know where to start, we suggest Radio Lab, Planet Money, 99% Invisible, and Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin as safe bets.  

Download, free, from iTunes and Google Play


Super Swiss Knife

Two words: bubble level. Even if your father prefers the P-U-B over DIY, this tool is full of useful features like a magnifying glass, a compass, and a flashlight. Our favourite feature is undoubtedly the level. Just watch and enjoy as your dad proceeds to balance his phone on any level surface he can find to either prove the crookedness of said item or attempt to disprove the accuracy of the level. Fun times either way.

Download, free, from iTunes


Classic Rock Quiz

An obvious choice for the Creedence lover in your family. Let him test his knowledge and see if he knows his Big Star from his Beatles.

Download, £0.99, from iTunes and Google Play


7 Minute Workout Challenge

We all want our fathers to be happy and healthy for a long time. For most, the motivation to get off the couch is hard to find so help him along with the 7 Minute Workout Challenge. It’s a great first step and shows your dad that you care.

Download, £2.99 from iTunes, £2.70 from Google Play


Bird Song ID Automatic Recognition

If your dad is the outdoorsy type, consider this the birder’s essential app. Take hikes to the next level and let your dad get his ornithology on.

Download, £3.99 from iTunes, £2.99 from Google Play


Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger

Now this is a slow burner but if you can get your dad to use it you won’t regret it. The Voxer Walkie Talkie allows you to record quick (or not so quick) voice notes back and forth with just a tap. There’s nothing like listening to someone find a bee in their hair in real time. No more stunted emails or overly formal texts. Just pure unedited dad-LOLs.

Download, free, from iTunes and Google Play



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