Festival season’s finally here, and though we know it can be tempting to give technology a rest for the weekend, we reckon that your phone should be at the top of your festival packing list.

Summer’s finally here, the sun’s out and Wireless Festival 2018 is just around the corner. That means that it’s time to get kitted out with your tent, flower headband and wellies.

Giving technology a break and living in the moment, rather than through your phone screen is probably the healthiest thing to do at a music festival. But we know that’s easier said than done. For some, taking your smart phone to a festival is a cardinal sin, but we reckon it could be one of your festival essentials. So, we’ve put together 4 reasons why we think your phone should be at the top of your festival packing list, along with your Wireless tickets, of course

Find your tent

Trying to find your tent in a jam-packed campsite can be a nightmare, especially after a long day of having fun. That’s why apps like BC Tent Finder (iOS) and Festival Buddy (Android) are total lifesavers. Not only can you use them to GPS mark the location of your tent, complete with a photo (just in case you forget what it looks like too) but you can also use both apps to do the same for your car, and even for the bar. They also come in handy for sharing your location with your mates – ideal for when that mate that always goes AWOL…goes AWOL.

Festival essential apps

Most festivals these days have an app that you can use to check stuff like site maps, news, line-up and schedule info. Some even let you create your own custom schedule of where to go and when, making it easier for you no to miss a thing. Keep an eye out for tips on secret sets too.

Signing up to the festival email mailing list and checking out their social media pages will make sure that you’re totally up to date with what’s going on too.

Be a social butterfly

Trying to find your tent, dancing with your mates in the mud, singing (ok, shouting) along to your favourite tracks, and waiting for what feels like days in the toilet queue is what festivals are all about. But, are you even at a festival if you don’t Snapchat it?

We know that the last thing you want to be worrying about is your data allowance, so that’s why Snapchat is now part of Go Binge. You can snap as much as you like, without using any data. You’re free to be a social butterfly which is just what you want to be at a music festival.


There’s nothing more Insta-worthy than a music festival (apart from avo and poached egg on toast, of course). With neon signs, seas of people in perfectly chosen outfits and let’s not forget some amazing acts, there are Insta-worth photo ops around every corner. So, there’s really no excuse not to keep your grid and story up to date.

If you want to get more likes and really up your Insta game, the new Samsung Galaxy S10 has a built in Instagram mode; giving you the best Instagram experience on a smartphone. You can shoot, add stickers and use all of Instagram’s editing tools, then post your pic directly to your Insta story. It couldn’t be easier.


Now you know why we think your phone should be a festival essential, all you need to do is decide which festivals you’re heading to this year.