We’re not going to lie: finding a job these days isn’t easy. On the plus side? You can do it all from the comfort of your own home (well, mostly). First stop? Check out our amazing, free and totally useful Discovery courses, which can help you find your next career…

We’ve all listened to our parents tell us how to find a job. You print out a fat stack of CVs, make yourself a more presentable version of Jay Gatsby (we can dream, eh?) and then sheepishly head out into the world in a desperate quest for employment.

Times have changed. Now, you can find a job without physically handing or mailing out sheets of paper (you’ll be saving the rainforest and pandas and stuff) filled with your life’s credentials, and then waiting to be judged, ever hopeful a potential employer will call.

Depending on your level of experience, you may be at a loss with this new paperless job hunting. So let us help.

Our first tip technically requires you to leave the house, but it’s well worth the journey: Discovery with Three offers digital job hunting sessions, with plenty of hints and tips, in Islington, Maidenhead and Swansea. You’ll be a veritable job-hunting wizard once Discovery are done with you.

Also, if you’re thinking of launching your own business, Discovery has sessions on everything from managing Facebook pages to mastering Instagram and Pinterest from a business perspective. Bottom line? Really useful stuff on offer, no matter what your current career requirements.

The best part? All Discovery sessions are free – just book in online and get ready to dominate your chosen field.

Alternatively, if you have left your Linkedin profile stagnating or just don’t have one, then step into 21st century. With 400 million+ members, LinkedIn is a super-useful resource for employers, and you can handily update your profile whenever you have a new skill or have finished an impressive project you’d like to flaunt. It’s also a great way for past colleagues to stay in touch… and potentially recommend you for new positions at their awesome new workplaces.

Discovery have LinkedIn courses to “help you build your professional profile,” so employers will come to you. A few tweaks and who knows? Those job offers will likely start presenting themselves by the truckload.

Once you’ve mastered LinkedIn, you’ll want to take another look at that old CV – despite it not having to be on paper, it probably could do with a second pair of eyes on it, preferably by someone whose job it is to look at CVs, right? Hang on: there’s already someone who does that for the low, low price of FREE? Yep. Upload your CV to CVNow and they will review it for free, provide feedback and recommendations on how to impress those all-important recruiters. They also have the option of more in-depth, paid services.

If you already have the requisite skills and to go with today’s theme of digital job hunting, there are a bunch of job hunting apps that make applying from your comfort zone that much easier.

One of our personal favourites is Job Today. The idea behind it is that you can apply without a CV or a cover letter in one click and start chatting to a potential employer in seconds. After that, you’re guaranteed to have an answer within 24 hours/the lifespan of a mayfly.

There are similar and equally effective apps, like Zoek, that optimise your search results. The more you use it, the more it learns about the type of jobs you want, providing you with more relevant results.

When you’re a perennial (hopefully not for much longer) job hunter you’ll know all about Indeed, the job vacancy board, but you might not be aware of their app, which will help job-hunting-on-the-go become that bit easier. Persistence is key: keep applying and you’ll get that break you deserve. (Cheerleading is also key: We believe in you!)

So, you’ve done all this and landed yourself an interview. Well done! Prepping for an interview is really hard work, as we know all too well.

Job Interview Questions and Answers is the perfect app to get you ready for that all-important, in-person meeting. It separates interview questions based on industry and also gives you verbal math, puzzle and logical reasoning questions to practise. We wish you luck in your quest.

Finally, if you’re one of the lucky few in possession of one of these fabled jobs and fancy being charitable, then Reconnected lets you donate your old phones to someone digitally disconnected.

A phone could give someone the means to search for positions and fire off applications, not to mention accept the call confirming their shiny new job.

Look at you, finding yourself and someone else a job in one go. #winning.

Main image via Pexels/Kaboompics/Karolina